Hello Neighbors,

Are you or someone you know looking to put a home on the market? If so, make
sure you know the ins and outs of the housing market. Some problems that can
arise for sellers include but are not limited to: being stuck with two
mortgages, adjustment of prices, and last minute walk throughs just to name a
few. Here are 11 most common mistakes home owners may make when deciding to
sell their home.

Refusing to Make Profit Inducing Repairs -
If there are repairs
needed in your home don't just ignore them because the smallest repairs can
make a difference in your selling price. Your realtor should be able to
identify which repairs will increase your home's value.

Not Considering Other Financing Terms - When thinking about purchase
terms you will need to consider factors such as income level, tax benefits, and
current legislation. Because your realtor should be an expert at home
transactions, he or she should be able to lead you towards a higher yield.
Remember cash is not always the most beneficial transaction.

Provide Easy Access for Showings - Appointment only showings are very
restrictive because the easiest homes are shown first. Factors you will need to
be sure to take into consideration are your lifestyle, time frame for the sale,
and your client agent relationship. By having a trusting relationship with your
agent, he or she will definitely show your home with your best interests in

Priced Too Low/Priced Too High -
Again, it is very important for home
sellers to find a professional and experienced agent that will know how to
price your home for a successful sale. Reason being, pricing your home too low
can cause considerable profit lost and pricing a home too high may lead to a
problem property. Your real estate agent should re-evaluate the real estate
market changes every 21 days.

Relying Solely On Traditional Methods To Sell -
Make sure your agent
is creative and innovative and more than willing to explore other alternatives
to attract potential sellers. Factors such as around the clock advertising
exposure and unique lead generation are services that should be offered by your

Market Timing/Seasonal Selling -
Your real estate agent should
constantly follow the trends present in the home market. They will understand
the market cycle and know how to net you the most money.

Refusing to Make Cosmetic Changes -
Just like with many situations in
life, first impressions are the most important. Therefore it is imperative to
make sure the exterior of the home you're selling is appealing to the eye.
Un-kept rooms, stains, un-kept lawns, odors have caused many home sales to fail.

Wasting Time With An Unqualified Prospect -
It's important for your
agent to know how to screen potential buyers, time is valuable therefore
neither you nor your agent have the time to spend on buyers who are not

Don't Test The Market -
When placing your home on the market make sure you are completely
ready to sell. The right agent will actually ring in qualified buyers therefore you need to be serious
about selling, if not you could ruin the sell.

Believing You Are Powerless To Make A Difference -
You are just as
much apart of the real estate team that is working to sale your home. By
networking with friends and colleagues you too can contribute to finding
potential buyers for your home.

Believing All Realtors Are The Same - Remember selling a home is not
an easy task. It's imperative to seek out a professional agent to assist you.
Increase your profit buy using a qualified professional.

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