Hello Neighbors,

Have you or someone you know made the major decision to put a home up for sale? Well, here are a few tips we feel may be beneficial to those that are putting their property on the market.

Tip Number 1: Know Why You're Selling. When you make the decision to sell it's essential to know your reasoning in selling. Your motivation to sell your home has the ability to affect the entire selling process. Are you interested more in the money you receive after selling or how long your home stays on the market? Your motivation will determine the approach you take when selling.

Tip Number 2: Do Your Homework Before Setting A Price. You want to set a price that will give you what your home is worth and close to the offering price. You want to avoid pricing your home too high or either too low. You would need to look at the most recent home sells in your neighborhood to come up with a ball park figure. However, due to many home owners' renovating or adding-on, your home may not be of comparison to other homes in your neighborhood. If this is the case you would need to set a value for your home by looking at homes that have sold within the past six to twelve months in your neighborhood. Remember, you can always hire a realtor to do this work if you don't have the time to do the research.

Tip Number 3: Know When To Get An Appraisal. Getting a good appraisal for your home can be a great benefit for you. By getting a VA or FHA appraisal this will show buyers that your home can be financed. All buyers need to be ware, if you do get an appraisal you may not necessarily like the figure you get.

Tip Number 4: Give Yourself Room To Negotiate. It is not guaranteed that the potential buyers will go for your asking price and vice versa. You may not go for their offering price. In case this happens, you need to have an alternate price in mind. Determine the lowest price you will actually be willing to go and then determine the highest price you want for your home. This will give you range.

Tip Number 5: Find Out What The Buyer Can Pay. Remember your objective as the seller is to control the pace and set the duration. By getting to know the buyer of your home you can more easily achieve this objective. By knowing just the smallest things that motivate the buyer you can negotiate even more effectively.

Tip Number 6: Don't Move Out Before You Sell. Past studies have revealed it is more difficult for a seller to sell an empty home. Vacancy gives the home a sense of being forgotten which is definitely not appealing to buyers.

Tip Number 7:  Find A Good Realtor. According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately two-thirds of the people who sold their homes without the help of a realtor said they wouldn't attempt to do so again. They experienced difficulties with finding a price, marketing, liability concerns, and etc. In addition, selling a home can be very time consuming especially for sellers who already have a full time job. That's why it's almost essential to find a professional, seasoned realtor that you can trust when selling your home.

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