Hello neighbors,

As mentioned a week ago in our post 'A Few Good Home Selling Tips For Sellers', we noted 7 tips for owners who are in the market for selling. Today, we are back to give you more effective home selling tips to add to the list.

Tip 1: Go Home Shopping Yourself.

Home selling can be considered somewhat of a game or competition and with that being said you need to know your competition. You can achieve this by going home shopping yourself. By going to open houses, you will be around potential buyers and can identify what turns the buyers off. Some key points  you may want to take notes on include: floor plans, condition, appearance, lot size, and location. Once you've collected your information, you can utilize what you've learned to help set your selling price.

Tip 2: Maximize Your Home's Sales Potential.

As many of us know, appearance plays a major part in selling. Although you can not physically change the location of your home or actually change it's floor plan; you can make sure the home's appearance is at it's best. Your home's look and appearance is basically the first impression for potential buyers.

Tip 3: Clean Like You've Never Cleaned Before.

Make sure your home is cleaned to the best of your ability. In addition to cleaning, you also need to straighten up things within the home. Make sure your rooms are not cluttered or crowed with furniture. You need to remember; you're competing with other sellers homes as well as newly built homes on the market.

Tip 4: Fix Everything, no matter how small.

Maybe you have a light switch that does not work or a squeaky step that you've dealt with living in the home that was never too much of a bother to you, BUT these minor problems can be major deal breakers. Reality is, you do not know how particular potential home buyers are. Make sure you fix even the smallest annoyance.

Tip 5: Don't Sign A Deal On A New Home Until The Deal On Your Old Home is Complete.

If you go ahead and sign on a new home before completing the sale on your previous home, you may find yourself looking somewhat desperate. A seller never wants to appear desperate to sell their home. This may put you in the place of taking the first offer you hear which could be lower than what you can actually get. Take care of one business transaction fist before jumping into another.

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