Hi neighbors,

In addition to our previous post, A few Good Home Selling Tips for Sellers and Part 2, we would like to share a few more tips to those of you who are in the market for selling.

Tip 1: You tax assessment means almost nothing - Despite what many may think, tax assessments do not reflect your home's true value and shouldn't necessarily be used to determine a value. The main reason is that tax assessments are based on principles unrelated to your home's property value.

Tip 2: Rely On Other People's Judgment As Well As Your Own - In all honesty, when selling your home you will obviously have fond memories and some emotion when assessing your homes strengths and weaknesses. In order to make a true evaluation of your home, ask someone else for their opinion.

Tip 3: Little Touches Can Make a Difference - Little things can make a big impact. You can place a vase of flowers on the mantel or potpourri in the bathroom these simple things can enhance your home a great deal.

Tip 4: Don't Give Yourself a Deadline - If you give yourself a deadline you are adding unnecessary pressure which can put you at a disadvantage during negotiations.

Tip 5: Don't Take a Lowball Offer Seriously - If a potential buyer gives an unacceptably low offer do not take it seriously or personally. You should still respond even with the slightest reductions in your asking price. The buyer will then know their initial offer wasn't taken very seriously.

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