Greetings neighbors,

As mentioned in our previous posts, A Few Good Home Selling Tips for Sellers, A Few Good Home Selling Tips.... Part 2, and A Few Good Home Selling Tips.... Part 3, many American families have faced the difficulty of having to sell their home. Well, the list of home sell tips continues for those who may be in the position of selling their home.

Tip 1: Remove all traces of yourself from the home:
You would not want to cause any discomfort to potential buyers by causing
them to feel like they're intruding on you and your family. Therefore, you
need to make the home as neutral as possible. You do not need to interfere with a potential buyer's ability to see themselves residing in your home.

Tip 2: Don't let a smell be your downfall:
An awful smell can cause you to lose a sell. Therefore if you have pets or smoke, make sure you do what needs to be done to eliminate those odors.

Tip 3: Disclose everything:
Make sure you reveal all known defects related to your home. Smart sellers would actually put these things in writing. You can avoid lawsuits later on by being up front.

Tip 4: The more prospects, the better:
By making your home incredibly marketable you will increase the chances of attracting  several potential buyers.

Tip 5: Don't get emotional during negotiations:
Because most people may have some type of emotional feelings wrapped up in a home, be sure to not let these emotions show during negotiations. Head into negotiations with a business mind, this should give you an advantage.