Since The Zac Team's move to the RE/MAX Metro Atlanta Cityside, Arnold, our mascot  and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful Olmsted Linear Park during our walks.  We like to explore and learn the names of new foliage that Olmsted Linear Park Alliance has so graciously provided on signs throughout the park. Today, I took notice of what is called Chaste Tree, a shrub-like tree boasting vibrant lavender-colored buds surrounded by many yellow lilies. Heck,I typically don’t even like purple; nevertheless, the Olmsted Linear Park has been and will be an excellent and refreshing space for Arnold and me during our walks. Indeed, it will be quite a change from the more urbanized route of cement that we frequented just a block away on Poncey-Highland . I’m looking forward to sharing my observations and experiences on my walks with Arnold, and I hope you will join me