"What consitutes a financial hardship and how do I qualify for a short sale of my Atlanta home?"

Many Atlanta, Decatur, and Buckhead residents are asking themselves this question and our phones have been ringing with these and other foreclosure prevention inquiries.
The simple definition for financial hardship is as follows:

A material change in between the day the mortgage was signed and today that has affected your ability to pay.

Financial hardship leading to a short sale can include issues such as:

  • Mortgage payment adjustment
  • Job loss
  • Too much debt
  • Business failure
  • Divorce or death of a co-borrower

First and foremost, a financial hardship is a verifiable issue that has or will cause you to miss payments or have financial difficulties.

For a free report with the other two must-have qualifications for a short sale, please visit the zac team online at www.SavingFamiliesFromForeclosure.com. You can also request more information and a confidential consultation from our Certified Distressed Property Experts at www.SavingFamiliesFromForeclosure.com or call Zac directly at 404.564.7272.

We also invite any of our neighbors who are worried about foreclosure to join us on the first and third Saturday of every month for our “Foreclosure Prevention Initiative: A Community Workshop.” This is a joint effort by the zac team and other local organizations to help our Atlanta and Decatur homeowners avoid foreclosure. We will provide a presentation and a workbook with valuable materials. The workshop begins at 10 a.m. in our office near Virginia Highland. Please RSVP to Jenny by emailing jenny@zac.biz or calling 404.564.7250!