"What are the most common mistakes that can prevent a short sale from happening?"

Short sales are very viable alternatives to foreclosure and can save you and your family a lot of heartache. However, you need to ensure they are done absolutely correctly or else you risk the deal falling through. One of the most common short sale mistakes is that the proposal is incomplete. Most agents do not understand the short sale process and what your lender will be looking for.

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, Zac understands the short sale process in detail and will work with you to present a complete and cohesive proposal to your lender (in fact, he is working on a few short sale proposals today).

Not sure what constitutes a "financial hardship" that you would submit in your proposal? Click here for our blog on qualifying for a financial hardship for the short sale of your Atlanta or Decatur home.

For a free report with the seven most dangerous short sale pitfalls, please visit the zac team online at www.SavingFamiliesFromForeclosure.com and indicate which report you would like. You can also request more information and a confidential consultation from our Certified Distressed Property Experts at www.SavingFamiliesFromForeclosure.com or call Zac directly at 404.564.7272.

We also invite any of our neighbors who are worried about foreclosure to join us on the first and third Saturday of every month for our “Foreclosure Prevention Initiative: A Community Workshop.” This is a joint effort by the zac team and other local organizations to help our Atlanta and Decatur homeowners avoid foreclosure. We will provide a presentation and a workbook with valuable materials. The workshop begins at 10 a.m. in our office near Virginia Highland. Please RSVP to Jenny by emailing jenny@zac.biz or calling 404.564.7250!