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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Soars

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

 Hello Neighbors,

With the recent recession, there has been a tremendous rise in Chapter 7 liquidation            bankruptcy filings in North Georgia as well as nationwide. With more and more businesses and consumers becoming over whelmed by the worst economic down fall since the depression of the 1930's, many have no choice but to turn to bankruptcy for a fresh start.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Georgia reported Chapter 7 liquidation filings in the area are 12.5% higher than the numbers at the end of the 2008 year. According to recent court data, 23,345 filings have been made in Northern Georgia as of the end of last month compared to the total number of Chapter 7 filings of 20,745 for the entire year last year. This means Chapter 7 filings have rocketed 56% according to court data.

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Home Sales Are Up 9%

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Greetings Neighbors,

Although the number of jobs may be down in this economic downfall, surprisingly that has not stopped people from purchasing homes especially first time buyers.

According to the National Association of Realtors, first time home buyers contributed to the increase in existing home sales nation wide. NAR's latest figures suggest that sales activity has reached it's highest point in more than two years. It is suspected that the combination of cheaper homes and first time buyers credit is accountable for the 9.4% increase.

According to recent stats home sales in the south alone increased 9% to an annual level of 2.06 million in the month of September which is 10.8% higher than last year.

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The 7 Worst Homebuying Mistakes To Avoid

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Hello Neighbors,

Deciding to purchase a home is a major decision that takes careful consideration and can be stressful especially if this is your first time. It's important to remember to get all of the facts and take your time when looking for properties that will fit you and your lifestyle. However, buyers need to be aware of seven deadly mistakes when buying a home.

Mistake # 1: Thinking that you can't afford to buy a home.

How many of you pay a monthly rent of $800 or more a month? Do you realize how much money you're paying for an apartment that you will never own? The monthly payments you are paying a month can actually go towards a mortgage and building your own equity. There are several loan packages out there for different types of buyers and mortgage rates are at their lowest in years. Tax laws today make home buying a little more appealing than before.

In addition, there are tax advantages in owning a home in which it can be cheaper owning than renting. One advantage is the money you pay for a monthly mortgage is actually tax deductible opposed to the rent you pay using after-tax dollars which helps the landlord's equity.

Mistake #2: Not Having A Plan.

When making important decisions in life it's always good to have a plan. Never jump in head first and the same applies to buying a home. Therefore, it's best to seek professional advice from a real estate agent. An agent can keep you on the right track and prevent you from making common home buying mistakes. Within your plan you need to contemplate on what you are seeking in a home such as: what type of neighborhood you would prefer or what specifics you are seeking in a home such as kitchen size, number of bedroom, etc.

Mistake # 3: Failing to Select A Realtor You Can Work With.

Of course buying a home is a process that can last longer than a day or two. Therefore you need to search for a Realtor you can work and and feel the vibe with. Because buying a home can be a stressful task within itself you don't need a Realtor stressing you out as well. Try interviewing different Realtors and finding out who you're more comfortable with before making a final decision on the professional who will help with one of the biggest investments of your life. You also want to choose a Realtor with experience in successfully closing transactions.

Mistake #4: Failing to Pre-Qualify For a Mortgage Loan.

Before actually beginning a search for your home it is best to know what price range you need to be looking in. It's nothing worse than to fall in love with a home and when it's time to find the funds you don't qualify for the loan. Therefore, to avoid a broken heart, contact a lender and find out about the programs they offer and get that pre approval. Being pre approved will give you a piece of mind as well as give you a better position in negotiating.

Mistake # 5: Failing To Understand the Loan Options Available:

Because there are several loan programs available for home buyers take the time to figure out which programs works for you both now and in the future. Choose a lender that has time to explain the numerous programs available and go over your options.

Mistake #6: Failing To Get the Home Inspected By a Qualified Inspector.

It is an assumption that the seller of the property will disclose any problems associated with the home, however always remember the seller is not a qualified inspector and may actually over look or may not be aware of certain issues with the home. That's when a qualified inspector is needed to make sure not only the structural but the mechanical conditioning of the home is up to par.

Mistake #7: Failing To Understand Your Rights and Responsibilities.

Keep in mind buying a home consist of more than just finding the right property and getting approved for the loan. Throughout the years laws in reference to buying a home have been created and you need to understand how those laws could affect your decision in buying. After deciding on a home, your purchase contract is legally binding and should be carefully reviewed by you and the seller.

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Buying Your First Home? Take Time and Cover All the Bases

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Greetings Neighbors,

Are you in the market to buy a new home? As everyone knows, the economy is not in the best of shape these days and many people don't have the extra money they used to have. However, for those who do, making large purchases such as a home is not a bad idea right now. With many homes facing foreclosure or short sales, first time home buyers can really "luck up" on a good deal.

Because buying a home can be a pretty scary ordeal, first time buyers need to take the time to do the necessary research to make sure they are making the right decision. Here are a few things to remember when looking for that 1st home:

Inspect- It's vital for buyers to play inspector gadget when viewing the inspection report. Especially first time buyers will need to make sure the home's inspection report was done professionally. For those looking to buy a condo, you would need to view the CC&R's, By-Laws, and Association Fees.

Imagination- I know you may be wondering how imagination is important, well I will tell you. Remember while viewing a fully furnished house everything will most likely look beautiful and wonderful. However, all of the furniture you are viewing at the time will likely go with the previous owners/sellers of the property. It's important to imagine your own furnishings in the home, don't be swayed by others property.

Income, You lifestyle, Mortgage Payment, etc - It’s also very important for buyers to sit down with their agent for a heart to heart talk discussing their income as well as their lifestyle. You will also need to do some strategic planning (future planning) taking into consideration children in the future, up grades to the home, add-ons, etc. You need to know if this home will not only work for now but for later as well.

View Several Homes- It is suggested that buyers view between 7-10 properties before making a decision. Your agent should allow you to view enough property for you to get the feel of the market. Never make a hasty decision based on the first property or two you see.

Use Your Team - It's important for you, the buyer to find the right real estate agent and team. You need to make good use of your lender, title representative, and agent. They are working to make your home buying experience a positive one.

Verification- Make sure you verify the cost and expenses such as: utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and homeowners dues if required before signing the dotted line. During your final walk through make sure all utilities are working so you can property inspect them.

Final Walk Through- Make sure you visit the home vacant. Some things that may have been overlooked while still fully furnished should be easier to notice now that everything has been removed from the home.

Be Flexible - Remember, when approaching the closing date of your home you have to comprehend the meaning of flexibility. Because closing dates can fluctuate you should have a back up plan. Remember more time may be needed so try not to get to frustrated. Remember in the end it will be well worth it.

It Doesn't Mean Anything Until It's In Writing - Remember, anything promised or discussed during negotiations should be in writing. Someone may say one thing but then change their mind however, if you the buyer, have it in writing then it stands. You should request for your real estate team to keep a log.

Loyalty Goes A Long Way - Remember, honest and loyalty goes a long way in most day to day situations. Being untruthful can make room for delays and can even ruin the deal all together.  Make sure you choose the right real estate team that you feel comfortable with and that will treat you the way you need to be treated while during the process of purchasing your home.

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New Appraisal Rules Cause Uproar, Good or Bad Idea?

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Hello Neighbors,
I'm sure those who are in the process of selling their homes in our economy would agree that the task may be a little more stressful today as opposed to two or three years ago. With many homes going into foreclosure or perhaps going through the short sale process; those who are attempting to sell their property or home now have to consider the new appraisal rules that began in May.

The new rules set forth now gives Appraisers more lead way, making them independent of real estate agents and brokers. In conjunction, this will make for a more reliable appraisal. Now banks as well as appraisal management companies will have to assign jobs and send the fees to the appraisers.  With this particular change, appraisers will not have to worry as much about providing an inflated home value which would support the once larger home cost in "white-hot" markets like Atlanta. However, on the “flip” side of things, this has potential to produce faulty appraisals or cause appraisals to be worse than before. In addition, today’s Realtors are not so happy with the new rules surrounding appraisals and are actually trying to fight them. This new Code of Conduct actually takes too much away from the Realtor.

With the recent uproar in the appraisal system it may not be such a bad idea to go the extra mile and pay a little more to find an Appraiser who is actually familiar with the neighborhood in which you're trying to sell out of. The advantage of this is that a local Appraiser will be more familiar with the amenities of the area, more knowledgeable of the local schools, and etc.

The new code of rules is expected to cut down on fraud and produce more trustworthy home appraisals.

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Short Sales, a Likely Alternative and the 6 Most Dangerous Short Sale Myths

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta


Do you know of anyone who may be facing financial trouble or foreclosure in today's economy? According to Jobstat, an estimated 92,000 jobs will be lost in Atlanta before this year is out. With these staggering numbers, we feel it's important to equip our readers with useful information and solutions.

Those of us who are home owners know that it would be a nightmare if we or a loved one were to face foreclosing on a home and would prefer to find another alternative.One alternative for foreclosure is short sales. Short sales is selling your property for an amount that's lower than what is actually owed. However, there are many myths surrounding the act of short sales that may detour a home owner.

For example, Myth #1: Short Sales are Impossible and Never Get Approved: This myth couldn't be further from the truth. Although short sales are more difficult they are not impossible. New processes are required for short sales therefore you would need to speak with a CDPE or Certified Distressed Property Expert who has adequate training in short sales.

Myth #2: Banks are Not Accepting Short Sales; They are Waiting on a Bailout: This is another misconception, banks as well as the U.S. government would actually prefer to avoid property foreclosure. In actuality banks are pursuing Short Sales and the agents who comprehend the process.

Myth #3: You Must Be Behind on your Mortgage in Order to Negotiate a Short Sale: Although initially lenders wanted a home owner to be behind in payments before considering a short sale, this trend has slowly faded causing today's lenders to look for verifiable hardship, insolvency, or a shortage of monthly cash flow.

Myth #4: Buyers are Not Interested in Short Sales and Avoid Them: Again this has proven to be untrue in today economy. Short sales are considered GOOD DEALS by buyers. Many agents today are getting calls asking for short sales or foreclosures.

Myth #5: Listing my Home as a Short Sale is an Embarrassment: With 1 out of 5 home owners facing foreclosure today it is actually commendable and definitely not an embarrassment for someone to admit they need help and want to keep their home/property from going into foreclosure.

Myth #6: There is not Enough Time to Negotiate a Short Sale Before My Foreclosure: This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. What many home owners fail to realize is that foreclosure doesn't happen over night, it is a process. With just a simple phone call from the home owner, a lender can stall a foreclosure with a legitimate contract. You have until the foreclosure process is actually complete; so there is plenty of time my friend.

For more information, please feel free to check out our short sale website or give Zac a call directly at 404.564.7272.


Open House this Sunday, 10/4 at 2065 Ladovie Lane!

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

The Zac Team is pleased to announce an open house this coming Sunday, 10/4, from 3pm to 5pm at the beautiful 2065 Ladovie Lane! Take a look at the virtual tour for this home!

For directions, here's the full address : 2065 Ladovie Lane, Atlanta, GA 30345

And while you're in the neighborhood, stop by our other open house just a few blocks away at 2971 Randolph Road!

We hope to see you there!

Experts in Distressed Property!

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Hello neighbors!

We just wanted to let you know what we've been doing lately to improve our services. Three of our team members--Joshua Thomas, Ken Kraften and Jimmy Jozwiak--attended a CDPE course this week.

From left to right, Joshua Thomas, Tony Martinez (CDPE instructor), Jimmy Jozwiak & Ken Kraften

In the current economic climate, realtors, lenders and related experts are constantly learning more about the ever-changing foreclosure and short-sale processes. We feel it is our duty to know all that we can about these proceedings. At a time when surprises can lurk around every corner, shouldn't your real estate team stay ahead of the curve?

We're always ready to serve your ever-changing real estate needs!

Atlanta Home Prices on the Rise, While Some Condos Cut Prices

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Hello, neighbors!


If you've been waiting for home prices to "bounce" before selling your home, now may be a good time to pay attention. The Standard & Poor’s / Case-Shiller Home Prices Index showed that average Atlanta home prices rose 2.3 percent from June to July, which outpaced the national average of a 1.6 percent increase. The AJC reported that, “In metro Atlanta the average home price has recovered to levels last seen in February and, before that, in May 2001. But prices remain 20 percent below the peak in June 2007.” The Atlanta Business Chronicle carried a similar article, which you can read here!


While Atlanta home prices are on the rise in general, some local condo developers are admitting that they've priced units higher than the current market will bear. Here in Atlanta, the luxury condo market seems to have taken on a bubble of its own. The AJC reported yesterday that between 2004 and 2007, only about 24 condos were sold above the million-dollar mark. Yet, somehow, there are more seven-figure units on the market right now than have ever been sold at these prices. And they’re each dealing with the current buyer’s market in a different way. Read the article here!


As we learn the most recent statistics, we'll be sure to post them here for all to see. Until then, we're always happy to serve your real estate needs!

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