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A few tips to help you sell your Atlanta home faster!

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Whether you're looking to move in, out, or around our fabulous Atlanta intown neighborhoods, here are a few tips when you go to put your home on the market!

1. First impressions are lasting! Make sure the front entrance is clean and inviting, keep your lawn trimmed, and an investment in paint will make your house look fresh and return more in selling price.

2. Pay attention to detail! Minor flaws detract from your home's value. Fix loose knobs, torn screens, dripping faucets, and clogged drains. Pay special attention to odors from pets or cooking.

3. Bright, clean, charming. Make sure your bathroom's sparkle, clean out messy closets, box things up neatly in the attic or basement. Create a warm, friendly atmosphere with fresh flowers and lots of light.

4. Three's a crowd! Avoid being present during a showing. The prospect will feel like an intruder and hurry through. make sure any animal smells have been deodorized. If you can't leave, step outside of the house and don't force conversation. If the agent has a question, then he / she will find you.

For more tips on selling your home for the most money, check out our guide, “How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar Fast” as well as free monthly reports on intown Atlanta home prices, please see our two blogs here!

Click here for Atlanta’s fabulous intown neighborhoods!
(including Morningside, Virginia Highland, Candler Park, and Lake Claire real estate)
Click here for Atlanta’s Midtown condo scene!
(including 12 Atlantic Station, Plaza Midtown, Metropolis, Spire, Mayfair, and 905 Juniper mid-rise and high rise condos)

You can also view our listing Plan of Action and Marketing Plan online anytime to get a preview of how we would get your home SOLD! Just visit

Put your home buying power to work for you with opportunities in today's real estate financing!

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

When you're thinking about buying a new home (whether your first or fifth!), open house signs can draw you in you at every turn. As tempting as it is to get out there and start looking at homes immediately, the first thing you should put on the home-buying to-do list is shop for a loan.

Gone are the days you could put in an offer on your dream home and figure out how to pay for it later. Unless you have the money on-hand to front for a cash purchase, then you need to consider financing. And if you haven't purchased a home in the past several years, you may find that the mortgage market has changed quite a bit!

If you have questions about your particular situation or about the home loan possibilities out there right now, please give our Client Care Manager, Amy, a call at the zac team at 404.564.7232 or email her at!

The popularity of limited service brokers has been on the rise for some time now and, with the stabilizing of the housing market, it has more home sellers concerned about selling their Atlanta home for the most money. So people are always surprised to see how the numbers add up. Using a full service broker can actually SAVE you money in the end, even though the commission cost is higher.


Click here for the chart we’ve put together at the zac team to show you how the numbers compare.

At the bottom are two tabs. One is “Limited Service” and the other is “the zac team.” Each of these tabs gives you a list of sample properties with their average list prices, sales prices, days on market, costs paid by the seller, etc.

Here’s a breakdown of the way it works:

  1. With a typical limited service broker, you will pay approximately $35,560.69 to sell a $500,000 home. You pay a 3% commission and you pay the price for the difference in what you list your home for versus the actual sales price (the “LP/SP Ratio”). That average is 4.11%, which you add to 3%, bringing the total money you pay to 7.11% of your sales price. So if you sell your house for $500,000, then you will bring at least $35,560.69 to the table. This is in addition to the $1,000 up front cost.
  2. With a full service broker, you will pay approximately $33,200.92 – a savings of $2,359.77! The commission is 6%, but the average LP/SP ratio is only .64% (a difference of 3.47%) which means on a $500,000 sale, you as the seller would be bringing about $33,200.92. And with the zac team, there’s no up-front cost.
  3. The zac team’s total days on market is also an average of 15 days less than that of a limited service broker!

If you find that a discount broker meets your needs, we understand and wish you the best! If you find that a full-service broker is offers more of what you need in today’s market, we would love to help. We specialize in Morningside homes, Virginia Highland real estate, Candler Park and Lake Claire houses, Midtown condos, and more and we can share with you more information on how to get your home sold in this market! Just call our office at 404.564.7200 and ask to speak to someone on the listing team.

You can also view our listing Plan of Action and Marketing Plan online anytime to get a preview of how we would get your home SOLD! Just visit

If you would like our guide, “How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar Fast” as well as free monthly reports on intown Atlanta home prices, please see our two blogs here!

Click here for Atlanta’s fabulous intown neighborhoods!

Click here for Atlanta’s Midtown condo scene!

Atlanta Housing & Real Estate Market Statistics for November 2008

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Get your Atlanta housing market statistics! Direct from the First Multiple Listing Service, these numbers are published by Smart Numbers with extensive research and statistics on the Atlanta market. Here, we break down the most significant real estate numbers and put it into a quick reference format to share with our sellers and fellow agents. The compilation shows November 2008 market statistics versus November 2007 numbers. Enjoy and please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! Our office # is 404.564.7200.

Units Closed:                     2008        2007
Single Family                           2,385         3,748
Condos/Townhomes                   362           725
Total                                        2,747         4,473
(39% decline)

New Listings:                     2008        2007
Single Family                           8,031         10,209
Condos/Townhomes                  1,521         1,983
Total                                        9,552         12,192
(22% decline)

Withdrawn:                          2008        2007
Single Family                             1,619         2,197
Condos/Townhomes                    511            372
Total                                          2,130         2,569
(18% decline)

Expired:                                2008        2007
Single Family                             5,429         5,882
Condos/Townhomes                    906            1,060
Total                                          6,335         6,942
(9% decline)

Current Inventory:              2008        2007
Single Family                             50,161       56,721
Condos/Townhomes                   10,399       11,506
Total                                          60,560       68,227
(11% decline)

Inventory:                              2008             2007
Single Family                        13.8 months      12.5 months
Condos/Townhomes               17.15 months    13.45 months

Sales Price to List Price:    2008        2007
Single Family                               93.0%       95.5%
Condos/Townhomes                      94.5%       96.3%

Average Days on Market:   2008        2007
Single Family                               88.0           92.4 (128.1 avg. total DOM)
Condos/Townhomes                      89.5           94.7 (125.7 avg. total DOM)

Click here
for the October 2008 report!
Click here for the September 2008 report!
Click here for the August 2008 report!
Click here for the July 2008 report!

Want more stats? We can email you monthly reports on current listings and the last six months of sales for the following areas. Just click below for the neighborhood or condo building that you're interested in!

Click here for Atlanta’s fabulous intown neighborhoods!
(including Morningside, Virginia Highland, Candler Park, and Lake Claire real estate)
Click here for Atlanta’s Midtown condo scene!
(including 12 Atlantic Station, Plaza Midtown, Metropolis, Spire, Mayfair, and 905 Juniper mid-rise and high rise condos)

If you're thinking of selling your home, we have tips on selling your home for the most money, too Just check out our guide, “How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar Fast” which we will send to you automatically when you sign up for your home prices report.

You can also view our listing Plan of Action and Marketing Plan online anytime to get a preview of how we would get your home SOLD! Just visit

Reverse Offers: The benefits (and the art) of sellers writing offers to buyers

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

When you were shopping to buy a home, did your agent ever call to inform you that a seller wrote you an offer on their home? When you went to sell your home, did your listing agent assist you in writing a contract to a buyer who had seen your home? While this is a not a new practice, it is surprisingly uncommon, and an idea that is gaining steam in this buyer’s market.

At the zac team, our listing team has used this practice before to benefit our sellers and help get their homes sold. While it may be called a “seller-initiated offer,” a “preemptive offer,” or a “reverse offer,” the true question is this: how could this practice help benefit you as a buyer or a seller?

  1. Right away, a contract from a seller to a buyer generates immediate interest in the property and grabs the buyer’s attention. The lines of communication are open.
  2. To the buyer’s advantage, you can get a sneak peak into price and conditions that the seller is willing to negotiate – often slightly lower than the listed price of the home.
  3. To the seller’s advantage, you can propose a lowered price of your home without announcing it to the world in the Multiple Listing Service. You can also get the reaction of buyer to the seller’s terms and conditions to feel out what the market might be willing to give for your listing.
  4. By a listing agent making two or more offers to buyers who have seen their home for sale, they could potentially create a multiple offer situation for the seller.
  5. Getting off the fence! A reverse offer can help an indecisive buyer in making a decision about which home to buy. And shows the buyer that the seller is motivated to help get them into their new home.

As an agent, if you have a buyer who wants a home, but isn’t ready or too indecisive about making an offer or just downright scared as to what to do next, then maybe this is what the doctor ordered. Call the listing agent, explain the situation, and encourage them to convince the seller to write a reverse offer. Keep in mind, you may have to do a lot of explaining if the listing agent has no clue and can’t get past the idea that the buyer is the one who is supposed to make the offer. Once you coach the listing agent through it, then you will deal with the seller.

Reverse offers are definitely worth considering! If you have more questions about them or how they can benefit your specific situation, please give me a call at 404.564.7272 or email me,

Piedmont Park Conservancy works on recycling programs and well drilling to ease the Atlanta drought

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Piedmont Park is a jewel of Atlanta and the Piedmont Park Conservancy works hard to keep it that way! They've been faced with a number of obstacles, not the least of which is the drought that has been affecting the southeast for the last couple of years. Major festivals were moved this past year in order to preserve the grass and greenery in the park (festivals such as the Dogwood FestivalAtlanta Pride Festival, and even the Peachtree Road Race).

In keeping with the green spirit and the Atlanta drought restrictions, Piedmont Park Conservancy is piloting a well-drilling program this year. Two wells have been constructed so far and they are looking for more now. Lake Clara Meer has been successfully receiving water from one of these wells so far!

The Conservancy also paired with Conex Recycling to try out a new recycling program in the park - and six tons of plastic and aluminum later, it seems like it was a success! So be on the lookout for the big green bins and help keep the park beautiful!

Love the dog park in Piedmont? You're not alone! In fact, so many people love it, that the Conservancy had to undergo an emergency reconfiguration of the fences to help keep all dogs safe. Now, they just have to raise a little bit of money to help cover the cost of the fencing and are asking for help. If you love the dog park and are willing to help out, click here!

For more information like this, or to sign up for the Conservancy's newsletter, you can visit the website here:

Care to join us for a roundtable discussion on the latest Atlanta real estate market news?

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Hello Neighbors,
We’re getting together with a couple of people next Thursday evening, December 18th, for a complimentary dinner and a roundtable discussion of the latest and greatest in the Atlanta and Buckhead real estate markets and how to go about buying a home in these new economic times and I was wondering if you’d like to join us?

I’m getting a lot of questions from people asking what do I think of today’s market and is it really a good time to buy or not. Of course the answer to that will be different for everyone because their needs are different.

That’s why I thought getting together with just a few people at a time would be a good thing. You could ask lots of questions and get some answers for your particular situation. We will be providing complimentary dinner and an open format to share information and answer questions.

One of the hot topics this time of year is using free government money to help grow your down payment. We can definitely talk about that.

We’ll also tell you what we’ve learned about the real estate market from a couple of conferences I’ve attended recently and how what’s going on in the market might affect you. There are actually a couple of benefits for buyers to the recent market shift, so we can talk about how you can take advantage of those.

If you’d like to join me on Thursday, December 18th at 6 p.m. for a complimentary dinner and a 60 to 90 minute discussion, just email Marlene at or give her a call at 404.564.7236. Our office is conveniently located near Virginia Highland at 1057 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, 30306 and you can give us a call if you need help with directions (our main office number is 404.564.7200).

Do you have a family member or friend that’s thinking about buying a home soon? Please pass this email along to them - we would appreciate the referral!

We look forward to seeing you then!

P.S. Can’t make it to the seminar? Our website at is fully loaded with extensive free reports for both buyers and sellers! Search all of the homes on the market in Atlanta right now as well as virtual tours of all of our homes for sale!

Search homes now!

Free Atlanta Condos Home Prices Report with current homes for sale and recent sales

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

If you are curious about what Atlanta’s Midtown condos are selling for, here is an easy way to find out what these and other Atlanta high rise condos are selling for in today’s market!

Sign up now for FREE current home price reports emailed directly to you each month!! You'll get up-to-the-minute statistics based on all recent sales and current condos for sale in all price ranges. You can sign up online or call for a free, 24-hour recorded message! You can also call us directly any time at 404.564.7200!

12 Atlantic Station:
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Plaza Midtown:
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905 Juniper:
Sign up online:
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Email us:

We just emailed out this month’s report, so don’t wait until next month – sign up today and we’ll email it to you right away!

Interested in general metro Atlanta market statistics? You can view a summary of housing statistics for the month of November here:

Holiday Volunteering Opportunities in Atlanta, whether its donating your time, money, talents or resources

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Our Altanta neighbors are always amazing about volunteering, especially during this season of giving. And in a time where the media is shouting that the sky is falling, there are still plenty of chances to share the joys of the holidays with those around you - for little or no money! So below are a few volunteer opportunities for you to participate in between now and the first of the year if you're not sure where to get started this holiday season!

> Atlanta Community Food Bank is conducting a virtual food drive to collect fresh fruits and vegetables, turkeys, after-school snacks, transportation, and full food pantries. You can even send an e-card or printed card to include the stocking or gift! Just click here: Being cold is no excuse this year! Of course, gifts are tax deductible, too.

> Salvation Army Angel Tree Program: Through December 12th, you can donate brand new children’s toys and clothing at the Angel tree booths at Lenox Mall, Northlake Mall, Town Center at Cobb, Discover Mills, and Mall of Georgia. If you would like to get a group of co-workers, family, or friends together, you can volunteer at the sorting center packing up the Angel Tree bags for families. Visit the site here for more information! Specific events are on the bottom left.

> Hosea Feed the Hungry: The Thanksgiving diner was a great success and now it’s on to the Children’s Christmas Party and the Christmas Dinner! These are huge events each year to benefit the homeless in Atlanta and they can use your help. You can sign up to volunteer on their website here.

> Toys for Tots: This annual drive by the Marine Corps collects toys to ensure families everywhere can enjoy the holidays. Click here for local Atlanta drop-off points.

Toys for tots page:
Atlanta drop-offs:

> Publix food drive: Publix now has pre-packaged grocery bags in their stores that you can pick up and pay for when you check out - it couldn’t be easier to donate food to a family in need this holiday season!

> Kroger "Can Hunger" campaign: Kroger is encouraging customers to purchase a $1, $5, or $10 donation icon to support the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Even better, for every dollar the Food Bank receives, they can distribute more than $8 worth of groceries!

What volunteer opportunities would you like to see on here that I am missing? Call me at 404.564.7272 or email me at and let me know!

11 Reasons to list your Atlanta home for sale during the holidays!

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Are you like many homeowners - ready to sell your home, but riding out the market? waiting until after the New Year or after inauguration? Here are 11 reasons to think about listing your home for the holidays!!!

  1. People who look for a home during the holidays are more serious buyers!
  2. Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the holidays, and less competition means more money for you!
  3. Since the supply of listings will dramatically increase in January, there will be less demand for your particular home! Less demand means less money for you!
  4. Houses show better when decorated for the holidays!
  5. Buyers are more emotional during the holidays, so they are more likely to pay your price!
  6. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays than they do during a working week!
  7. Some people must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons!
  8. January is traditionally the month for employees to begin new jobs. Since transferees cannot wait until spring to buy, you must be on the market now to capture that market!
  9. You can still be on the market, but you have the option to restrict showings for the 6-7 days during the holidays!
  10. You can sell now for more money and we will provide for a delayed closing or extended occupancy until early next year!
  11. By selling now, you have an opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the spring, when more houses are on the market for less money! This will allow you to sell high and buy low!

Questions? Thinking about selling? Please give us a call at the zac team at 404.564.7200 or email! Curious about what your home is worth? Find out at!

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