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Sunday Open Houses from the zac team! Come see some of Atlanta's most beautiful homes for sale!

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Hello Neighbors,
Please join us this weekend as we hold open five incredible homes from 3-5 p.m. on Sunday, September 28th! Come tour one or all of the following homes!... a French country estate in Virginia Highland... a bungalow with finished basement in Virginia Highland... a sunny hillside home in Lenox Park / Morningside... a classic bungalow near Piedmont Park... and an amazing find in Candler Park near Lake Claire!
Please call our office anytime if you have questions! 404.564.7200. And you can see virtual tours of all of these properties online at!
Atlanta open houses from the zac team in Virginia Highland, Morningside, Lenox Park, and Candler Park!

The zac team announces new cutting edge 80/20 compensations plan for Atlanta Real Estate Agents!

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

The zac team is proud to annouce a new commissions split plan to add to our list of services offered to our real estate agents! Thinking about joining real estate? Or ready to be more independent in your real estate career? We now have opportunities available for agents at a 50/50 split, 80/20 split, or as a listing partner.

Like to know more information? Please give Zac a call today at 404.564.7272!

Atlanta, GA Real Estate and Housing Statisics for the Month of August 2008

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Every month, the First Multiple Listing Service publishes numbers compiled by Smart Numbers with extensive research and statistics on the Atlanta market. The 130+ page document can be a bit overwhelming, so we break it down to the basics here to share with our sellers and fellow agents. The summary compares August 2008 numbers with August 2007 numbers. Enjoy and please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! Our office # 404.564.7200.

Units Closed:                     2008        2007
Single Family                           3,736         5,421
Condos/Townhomes                   572          1,009
Total                                        4,308         6,430

New Listings:                     2008        2007
Single Family                           11,078       14,262
Condos/Townhomes                  2,097         2,598
Total                                        13,175       16,860

Withdrawn:                          2008        2007
Single Family                             2,394         3,178
Condos/Townhomes                    398            543
Total                                          2,792         3,721

Expired:                                2008        2007
Single Family                             6,321         6,128
Condos/Townhomes                   1,242          1,111
Total                                          7,563         7,239

Current Inventory:              2008        2007
Single Family                             54,691       58,971
Condos/Townhomes                   10,814        11,534
Total                                          65,505       70,505

Inventory:                              2008        2007
Single Family                        14.4 months   12.3 months
Condos/Townhomes               16.8 months   12.55 months

Sales Price to List Price:    2008        2007
Single Family                               94.6%       96.5%
Condos/Townhomes                      95.3%       96.6%

Average Days on Market:   2008        2007
Single Family                                91.1            87
Condos/Townhomes                      104.4          94.2


Want more stats? We can email you monthly reports on current listings and the last six months of sales for the following areas. Just click below for the neighborhood or condo building that you're interested in!

Click here for Atlanta’s fabulous intown neighborhoods!
(including Morningside, Virginia Highland, Candler Park, and Lake Claire real estate)
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(including 12 Atlantic Station, Plaza Midtown, Metropolis, Spire, Mayfair, and 905 Juniper mid-rise and high rise condos)

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With the news of the government tossing a lifeline to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac this week, there is more real estate news swirling around than ever before. The beginning of this month saw the termination of downpayment assistance programs and, this week, we have seen a drop in interest rates. Curious about how all of this works and how it can affect your home purchase?

We invite you to attend our home-buyer seminars to get first-hand information on all the benefits to you as a buyer in the market! Now, more than ever, it is essential to have an agent navigate the market with you! Talk to our real estate experts as well as our in-house mortgage consultant Pat Griffin who always has great monthly deals to share!!

Call us today to reserve your spot for a home-buying workshop brought to you by the zac team and Greater Atlanta Financial Services this Saturday, September 13th!! Just call MJ at 404.564.7268 to reserve your seat! If you know someone who is thinking of buying, please feel free to pass this opportunity along to them!

When: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on September 13th, 2008
Where: Our Poncey-Highland office located at 1057 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30306.

Tell me more!

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Toco Hill Town Center Redevelopment in Atlanta at North Druid Hills and Clairmont Roads Raises Questions

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Last Tuesday, DeKalb County held a community meeting to disseminate information and address concerns regarding the proposed redevelopment of Toco Hill Shopping Center and the Williamsburg Apartments area. For those of you familiar with the area, this begins at the intersection of North Druid Hills Road and LaVista Road to the northwest and runs down North Druid Hills to Clairmont and then encompasses the apartments to the southeast of that intersection. Looking at a map, it creates a butterfly shape, as they pointed out at the meeting.


The idea is intriguing. In a high-traffic, very un-pedestrian, and somewhat unattractive area, the idea of a town center that encompasses the opposite values would seem to come as a breath of fresh air (literally). However, I live in the area and this proposal raises more than a few questions in my mind (this is Jenny “speaking,” team marketing manager). Perhaps someone can shed some light on some of these questions for me? Or perhaps join me in asking them?


> Is DeKalb County proposing that Toco Hilll Shopping Center be completely flattened and we start over?

It’s certainly not the most attractive strip center, but it is highly used and, more importantly, already existing. Can we build upon the existing structures? Maybe add condos on top of the Publix like Plaza Midtown? Perhaps add a large green roof over the Ace Hardware? Top Spice could have a rooftop patio that connects to other rooftop gardens... I know the county is waiting to be approached by developers about the space, so it would be nice to have some resourceful developers.


> Why include Williamsburg Apartments?

Do we really need to tear down and redevelop a perfectly good housing area that’s happily occupied and beautifully wooded? And for what? To put up more dense housing with less trees? This is not an Atlantic Station in a defunct, desolate area of town. This is an active senior community that has been there for years. Make Toco Hill more accessible to everyone – don’t expand the “Town Center” into the neighborhood.


> What about wider, more pedestrian-friendly sidewalks? Possible pedestrian bridges?

Most of us that live within a mile of Toco Hill couldn’t walk or ride our bike there for fear of death from cars flying by on N. Druid Hills or Clairmont. Just making the shopping center more accessible to the surrounding single family neighborhoods could potentially easy the Short Trip Syndrome where people have to jump in their cars just to run up the road to the store.


> What about adding in medians with trees to the parking lots?

Have you ever seen the Toco Hill parking lot slammed with cars? Me neither. So why not repaint it with a few less spaces and add medians with trees in them? It would soften the strip mall look, not detract from functionality, and enhance the environmental impact and experience of the shopping center (not to mention it would cool down the blazing asphalt). The parking lot could use an overhaul in the flow of traffic anyway.


> What about increased / improved transportation options?

MARTA already goes through the area, but the stops are on the sides of the roads and not very pedestrian-friendly. Those stops could be improved along with Emory's Cliff shuttle stops there, too. They mentioned restructuring the flow of traffic at these key intersections, but didn't have ideas on-hand as to how that might manifest itself.


In addition to the Toco Hill Town Center concept, the Georgia Conservancy is also working with the Lindbergh LaVista Corridor Coalition on improvements to the east. Their Blueprints program also has plans for a streetscape along N. Druid Hills Road between I-85 and Toco Hill and additional improvements along LaVista between Toco Hill and Northlake. (We posted a previous blog about the Lindbergh and LaVista corridor – just click here!)


What are your thoughts? Insights?



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