Greetings neighbors,

It's probably safe to say most Americans have a strong desire to save money these days in our recovering economy. With this month being National Home Improvement month, treat your home to a few improvements. Here are some low cost home improvement tips from HouseMaster, one of North America's first and largest home inspection franchisors.


Practice checking for termites on a regular by checking for "mud tubes" or wood damage which are two definite signs of termites. In addition, by keeping the area around your home free of wood piles and debris you can cut down on the chance of acquiring a problem with termites.

Water Damage?

According to HouseMaster, one of the common places for this damage is in the bathroom where grout sometimes breaks down allowing water easy access behind tiles causing them to loosen. An easy and cheap fix for this common water damage is to re-grout, caulk, and use sealant on your bathroom tiles and surrounding fixtures. In addition, if you experience a problem in the foundation of your home due to water damage you can invest in a splash block to redirect water from the home's foundation.

Dirty Gutters?

Noticed any stains under your gutters lately? These stains are often signs of overflowing which has potential to cause structural damage. Additionally, overgrown grass and shrubbery on your gutters can also lead to clogging, carpenter ants, or termite problems. An easy fix and prevention method for this would be to keep overgrown shrubbery and grass trimmed and keeping your gutters clean.

Worn or lifting roof flashings? Make sure to Replace or Seal Them

Because flashings can decay over an extended period of time which eventually leads to water damage of your home's roof structure, you can prevent costly damage by replacing worn flashings or by applying sealant to these problem areas.