Greetings neighbors,

According to recent numbers from the U.S. Commerce Department, figures barely changed last month in single family housing starts. There was a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 454,000 units last month.

On the multifamily side, there was a decrease of 21.5% producing a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 95,000 units which contributed to the 5% decrease in the overall housing production number, which produced a number of 549,000 unit-rates.

As for a regional breakdown, all four regions experienced declines in overall housing production which produced numbers such as: a decline of 11.3% in the Northeast, 6.9% decline in the Midwest, 2.4% decline in the South, and a 5.9% decline in the West.

Industry leaders state that the decrease in these numbers have had an effect on builders causing a more cautious group.