Hello neighbors,

Southern homeowners are very optimistic and confident in regards to their home's worth. However, one major question is, how close to reality are these homeowners?

According to Zillow's Q1 Homeowner Confidence Survey, 34% of Southern homeowners said their home's gained some type of value over the past year. However, the actual number for homes gaining value came in at 27%.

In addition, when asked about the decrease of value, 46% of Southern homeowners believed there was a decrease. In actuality that total number came in at 69%.

In comparison to numbers presented in the fourth quarter, 49% of homeowners in the South believed there was a decrease in home value when there was actually a 64% decrease in home values in the south.

As for future predictions, 18% of Southern homeowners expect the value of their home's to decrease in the next six months, 41% expect their home's value to stay the same, and 42% of Southern homeowners expect a rise in home value.