It’s such a beautiful day here in sunny San Diego! When I arrived yesterday, the sky was so blue and it was 80 degrees. Last night, I had dinner with my older brother Phillip’s son, his wife, and their infant son. It was so nice! What a great way to start the Mike Ferry Organization conference here for three days.

Today Mike talked about some of the biggest advantages of being in real estate at this time and some of them include:

1. The least amount of competition in over 25 years. In less than three years, we've lost over 1 million agents – isn’t that amazing?!

2. There is nothing worse then being in competition with lousy competition. So many of us that are still here (and in the next wave of layoffs) have such poor attitudes, poor sales skills and poor work habits. But we know how to sell and we're going to keep selling!

3. The interest rates are the best ever! The government is doing so much to keep the rates down.

4. Excessive inventory to choose from. We must have the skills to sell now more then ever so we are not showing buyers everything on the market. Here is where great sales skills are necessary.

5. More potential listings then ever before… FSBOs who have no clue or give up after a few weeks of no calls; all the expireds and withdrawns who are out looking to replace their current agent; and don't forget all the banks and their inventory.

6. More buyers then ever before - and they are out there! This past weekend in my office, almost every one of my team members had at least one appointment and some as many as five. What another great day at the zac team!

7. Sellers are more willing to negotiate than ever before. What a great time to be in real estate! Sellers are also recognizing a great job we are doing for them. They’re reading the paper, watching the news, and they know what's going on. They’re even watching HDTV and now realizing it’s a beauty contest out there and they no longer want to be the third runner-up. You know what I mean – the home that gets multiple showings (sometimes the buyer even comes back two, three, or four times), but no offers. Yep, that's the third runner up. Also the sellers don't suffer from PDS as they have in the past. Oh yes, that's Price Denial Syndrome.

8. Real estate is an even better investment now than it has been for years. Mike says that if each agent would buy an investment property with 30% down and if we asked our former clients to do the same as well as our centers of influence, then we would come out of this bad real estate recession. Also, think of the additional commissions we would earn. This would be a bigger stimulus package than what Uncle Sam is doing.

One of my team members, Annie Lynch, has an investor that she wrote four or so offers for this weekend on some great properties under $50k each. When I get back, I am going to communicate with everyone I know that now is the time to start buying very inexpensive homes. These are some of the same homes the cost 3-5 that much 2 years ago.

9. The need for professional services like ours is at an all time high... There has never been a better time to do well!

10. Today is a better chance to be productive then ever before!

In order for us to move forward, we need to narrow the gap between who we are and who we want to be, to succeed in 2009. We need to figure out which skills are we going to master this year.

As our skills improve, the demand for our services increases and as our skills increase, so does our income (although I love my job, that’s not the only reason I do it)!

Best wishes for a successful day!