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Selling A Home? Here's One Tip to Keep In Mind; Vacant Homes May Not Fair as Well in Today's Market

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Hello neighbors,

Are you in the process of selling your home? Well here's one thing to remember, a vacant home does not fair well in today's market. Wondering why? Here are 5 reasons:

People Don’t Simply Buy Houses; they buy the next chapter of their lives

Because purchasing a home can be pretty emotional and emotions play a large role in a buyers decision on what they may purchase and how much they are willing to pay, a vacant home displays no signs of life which leads to a lost of emotional connection for the potential buyer.

Vacancy distracts buyers from looking at the house itself

Buyers may begin to wonder the reason for selling such as: Is this home hard to sell? Is the sell a result of divorce? Do the sellers have financial issues? In this instance the potential buyer may feel the home owner is desperate and make a low offer.

When a house is vacant, buyers focus on flaws

Buyers will take special notice to small things such as nail holes, wear and tear in the carpet, gaps in the molding, and etc instead of paying attention to the actual space and amenities of the home. This can also decrease the price.

People can't visualize how furniture fits

Empty rooms may look awkward to a potential buyer. He or she may not be able to visualize their furniture in the home because they have nothing to go by. Also empty space may confuse a buyer causing them to bypass the vacant home and move on to the next prospect.

Vacant houses don't show as well as staged and occupied homes

An empty home has a tendency to acquire a stale and empty smell, gathers dust, and typically produces an unattractive look especially to potential buyers. This then leads to a cut in showing time and leads to fewer sales.

Clean Homes Make Better Impressions, Check Out 5 Cleaning Tips Before Placing Your Home On the Market

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Greetings neighbors,

Do you or someone you know currently have your home on the market? If so, has it been on the market a little longer than you expected? If the answer is yes, it may not be the price or the marketing but something as simple as your home not being as clean as it should. Many consumers prefer to walk into a clean home when contemplating on whether to purchase or not. Therefore, make sure your home is spic and span; take a look at 5 prominent areas of your home that needs to gleam in the consumer's eye.


Many times the windows or skylights of a home are overlooked due to them being inaccessible or difficult to clean. However, it's important to remember that cloudy windows can produce a room that looks murky. Clean windows and/or skylights will produce a brighter room.


It's best to give your home a fresh coat of paint when placing it on the market however if the walls of the home are not terribly scuffed or pealing, you can scrub them with mild, soapy water. Clean walls and baseboards will provide the consumer with a feel or cleanliness.


Because buyers may sometimes use the restroom while looking at a home, make sure your toilets do not display any type of rust stains. In addition, make sure you inspect your toilet and fix any type of leaks before placing your home on the market.

Closets, Cabinets, and Computer Area

Because many people love to snoop, you better believe a consumer will open your closets and cabinets. Therefore, make sure your closets are neat and try to hang your shirts facing the same way. Also make sure your cabinets are tidy and not cluttered. If you really want your cabinets to stand out you may try alphabetizing your spices!


When showing a home, one hopes for many prospects which of course leads to a lot of foot traffic. With that being said, your floor will probably end up with plenty of dirt and grout. You may even have a sign asking consumers to remove their shoes or provide footies but everyone doesn't always follow the rules. Therefore, be sure to scrub away those pesky footprints.


Thinking About Selling In Today's Market? Here Are 7 Home Selling Tips

by the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

Greetings neighbors,

With the many changes that have occurred in the housing market lately, one who is looking to sell their home needs to be aware of how to maximize the value and sales price of their home in the current market. Here are 7 tips from RISMedia you can use when placing your home on the market.

Tip 1: Do Not Over Price Your Home - It is understandable that a home can be a prized possession but don't over price your home. Many consumers this day in age are looking for a good deal. Also keep in mind, the longer your home is on the market, the stronger the buyer's negotiating powers become. 

Tip 2: Select Internet - Friendly Pricing - With more and more people becoming technology savvy, over 80% of consumers start their new home searches online. Many real estate sites will filter home prices in increments of $25,000 to $50,000. For example, if your asking price is $555,777 and a consumer set their max price at $550,000 while searching online, your home will not populate. In addition, home prices ending in 000 (200,000) typically sell better than those ending in 500 (200,500).

Tip 3: List the Home on Friday - Most consumers love to check for weekend prices and will pull up new listings on Friday.

Tip 4: Occupy or Stage the Home - Buyers typically prefer to view a home that feels "homie" or looks lived-in. However, do not over personalize your home. Remember to keep it balanced. If you move into a new home before selling your home it may be a good idea to hire someone to professionally stage your home to look as if someone is currently living there.

Tip 5: Monitor Local Foreclosures - In today's market, foreclosures have actually become an aggressive opponent to sellers. Therefore, if your neighborhood contains a high number of foreclosures, wait to place your home on the market if possible.  If you have to place your home on the market remember, the selling price would have to be competitively priced in order to compete with the surrounding foreclosures in the neighborhood.

Tip 6: Keep the Home Neat and Clean - With many foreclosures on the market, those who are looking for homes are liable to see potential homes at their worst. Remember, a neat and clean home will attract more potential buyers.

Tip 7: Keep Records - Disclosures are not included in foreclosures, therefore sellers who are attempting to sell their home should keep updated records, photos, and permits handy for the buyer which will make them feel more comfortable about purchasing your home. This will also give them a competitive advantage over other neighborhood properties that are in foreclosure.

Needing to place your home on the market? Let us help, the zac team @ RE/MAX Greater Atlanta. Call: 404-564-7200 or E-mail Zac at

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