Hello neighbors,

As mentioned in last week's post, "Getting To Know Your Neighbors, How To Welcome New Comers To the Neighborhood", we mentioned that with new incentives to buying homes and lower home cost, many are gaining new neighbors in their neighborhoods. If you have gained a new neighbor or two recently check out the rest of our list on getting to know your neighbors.

Be Appreciative - If your neighbor does something to their home, lawn, or etc. tell them thank you especially if it improves the look of the home or neighborhood. Remember, each individual home and lawn makes up the neighborhood and you would like for your neighborhood to look appealing.

Assume the Best - If your new neighbor does something annoying do not assume that he or she knows that their action or actions are annoying to you. When or if you confront them remember to approach the situation in a calm manor.

Be Calm - If your neighbor happens to approach you regarding an annoyance on your part remember to be calm and hear them out. By staying calm, you are keeping the lines of communications open between yourself and them as well as a possible resolution to the issue.

The Golden Rule - And last but not least, we all should remember the golden rule, treat others the way you would like to be treated. If we all live by this rule the world would be a better place.