Dear Neighbors,
Below is my weekly email to Atlanta real estate agents that I would like to share with you!

Yesterday, I drove into Denver for Howard Brinton’s Star Power Conference and, as always, I am excited about the learning and teaching opportunities as well as the tools and inspiration I will be taking back to Atlanta with me. Are any of you at the conference this week? If so, stop by the "51 No to Low Cost Marketing Tips" and say hi as I will be one of a four member panel on the topic!

FMLS Atlanta real estate market statistics. Stats for the month of June were posted last week, so here is my easy-to-read one-pager condensed down from 130 pages of data! Just click here...

Refinancing on the rise. More businesses are taking advantage of the time to refinance as indicated by a 16 percent jump in numbers in the second quarter of this year. Read the article here!

Time for a new sales mentality? Sales is a different game than it used to be and expectations are higher than ever from clients (as they should be). How does your way of thinking stack up? Click here to read more!

How trained are you? When the going gets though, real estate agents tend to leave the business because they either lack the proper training or lack the motivation to seek the proper training to thrive. With a team focused on skill level and training, I would love to teach you how to sell. We are starting a new training group on August 15th and I am looking for four motivated agents who want to make at least $70K within their first 12 months at the zac team! Our business is up over 32% year-to-date over last year! You’ll also learn how to get a Buyer’s Agency Agreement signed from every buyer that you WANT to work with, both from the leads I provide and from your own sources of business. Click here for more info!

I’m also looking for an additional listing partner to co-list properties with. This is a great opportunity for me to share 30 years of experience in the real estate business! Click here for more information on our listing partner position.

Please email me your resume at or give me a call at 404.564.7272 for a confidential conversation.

Ponzi scheme hits real estate. Many of you may be following the story of Anthony Ray already, who not only stole from parents in a Ponzi real estate scheme, but also scammed friends and neighbors out of at least $5 million. Read today’s article in the AJC!

Atlanta ranked 7th in start-up cities. In an Entrepreneur magazine study, Atlanta emerged as the seventh-best city in the nation for starting a small business for a variety of reasons. Read more here!

Visualizing your reality. I am a firm believer in visualizing my goals and take time every day to write and / or concentrate on them with absolute clarity. Many books, articles, and words of advice exist on this topic, and here’s another one I came across to reinforce these ideas. Click here!

Smoke-free condos in the future? It’s already happening in Michigan with 100,000+ smoke-free units. According to a 2003 HUD legal counsel letter, smokers are not considered a protected class under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, therefore it is not considered discrimination to not allow smoking. Read more about it here!

When is it time to switch lenders? In such an up-and-down market, it can be difficult to lock in the best deal. Here’s an agent’s story about working with her buyers to find the best deal! Click here.

Apple cakes the latest foreclosure prevention technique. A New Jersey woman recently saved her house from foreclosure by raising almost $8,000 to pay Bank of America for her loan modification. Read more here (beware the excessive food puns)!

"There are no jobs until someone sells something." Harvey Mackay’s column is always insightful and this week, he addresses salesmanship. Click here to read what he has to say about being a real competitor!

Wishbones needed! Do any of you have any loved and lucky wishbones you’re looking to sell? Then please give my Closing Manager, Jimmy, a call at 404.564.7274. Thanks!

Best wishes for a successful week!

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