Hello neighbors,

In the market to buy a home, looking for the best deal? Now and days as those of you who follow the real estate market may know, foreclosures are heavy on the market. Here's a guide on how to buy a home that may be in foreclosure.

Find a Property: You can do this by logging onto an online real estate site and search for the property most appealing to you. You will also need to decide on the status of foreclosure in which you want to search under.

Get Financing: By obtaining financing you will have your budget set and know the price range of the home you can afford. This will also show the borrower/lender or foreclosure lender that you mean business.

Contact an Agent: This is especially beneficial if you are a first time buyer and especially if you're interested in purchasing a foreclosure. Contacting an agent will be very helpful to you during this process.

Contact Owner: When buying a property in pre - foreclosure, the seller of the home will be the owner in default, trustee, or foreclosure lender. You will need to contact one of these people and present an offer to buy.

Make an Offer: The final step would be to make an offer. If this is your first time buying a foreclosed property it is probably a good idea to have an agent assist you with making the offer.