Hello neighbors,

With the recent economy, it's probably safe to say most Americans are trying to conserve as much as they can. With that being said, here's a list of energy saving tips for you to do around your home.

Check for drafts: Your heating can drift out through your windows, doors, fixtures, electrical outlets, and etc. By making sure these spaces are closed you are guaranteed to save on your electric bill.

Door Sweeps: Because a door may sometimes have a crack at the bottom you can eliminate cold air coming through those cracks by installing door sweeps.

Invest in Space Heaters: This is only beneficial if you reduce heat in other rooms. For example, you may want to turn off your thermostat and place the space heater in the room you spend most of  your time in.

Keep Furnance Filters Clean: By keeping  your filters clean, you will keep the flow of air consistent. In addition, this takes the pressure off of your heating system when providing heat to keep you warm.

Stay tuned for more energy saving tips for your home!