Greetings neighbors,

As we mentioned in yesterday's post, "Atlanta Home Owners Find Out How to Lower You Energy Bill", many Americans are trying to save as much as they can this day and age.  Here are a few more home energy saving tips to practice within your home.

Cover Air Leaks: Use sealant or caulk to seal air leaks between your window frames and walls, or if you feel air between your doors or windows use weather stripping for sealing.

Drafty Around Electrical Outlets? If you feel a draft of air coming from your electrical outlets, insulate them by using light switch or jack foam insulation pads to fight that pesky cool air.

Don't Blast Your Heat: Keep in mind, it is winter time therefore you need to dress for the season not just outside of your home but inside your home as well. Make sure you wear warm clothing inside of your home so you will not have to turn the thermostat up too high.

Seal Your Heating and Air Ducts: Did you know that approximately 20% of air is lost while moving through the heating ducts due to holes and ducts being improperly connected? To alleviate this problem you can seal and insulate your ducts to increase the productivity of your heating system.