Greetings neighbors,

Do you or someone you know currently have your home on the market? If so, has it been on the market a little longer than you expected? If the answer is yes, it may not be the price or the marketing but something as simple as your home not being as clean as it should. Many consumers prefer to walk into a clean home when contemplating on whether to purchase or not. Therefore, make sure your home is spic and span; take a look at 5 prominent areas of your home that needs to gleam in the consumer's eye.


Many times the windows or skylights of a home are overlooked due to them being inaccessible or difficult to clean. However, it's important to remember that cloudy windows can produce a room that looks murky. Clean windows and/or skylights will produce a brighter room.


It's best to give your home a fresh coat of paint when placing it on the market however if the walls of the home are not terribly scuffed or pealing, you can scrub them with mild, soapy water. Clean walls and baseboards will provide the consumer with a feel or cleanliness.


Because buyers may sometimes use the restroom while looking at a home, make sure your toilets do not display any type of rust stains. In addition, make sure you inspect your toilet and fix any type of leaks before placing your home on the market.

Closets, Cabinets, and Computer Area

Because many people love to snoop, you better believe a consumer will open your closets and cabinets. Therefore, make sure your closets are neat and try to hang your shirts facing the same way. Also make sure your cabinets are tidy and not cluttered. If you really want your cabinets to stand out you may try alphabetizing your spices!


When showing a home, one hopes for many prospects which of course leads to a lot of foot traffic. With that being said, your floor will probably end up with plenty of dirt and grout. You may even have a sign asking consumers to remove their shoes or provide footies but everyone doesn't always follow the rules. Therefore, be sure to scrub away those pesky footprints.