Hello neighbors,

if you're thinking about putting your home on the market, or even if you're just thinking about thinking about it, you should be aware of common mistakes that cost other sellers hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars:

1. Refusing to Make Profit Inducing Repairs - It always costs you more money to sell 'as is' than to make repairs that will increase the value of your home. Even minor improvements will often yield as much as three to five times the repair cost at the time of sale. Your realtor should be able to point out what repairs will significantly increase the value of your home. Seemingly small fix up jobs can have quite an impact.

2. Not Providing Easy Access for Showings - Accessibility is a major key to profitability. Appointment-only showings are the most restrictive because the easiest homes are shown first, while a lock box is the least restrictive. However, there are certain considerations to take into account: your lifestyle, time frame for the desired sale and the relationship with your agent. The more accessible your home is, the better the odds of finding a person willing to pay your asking price. You never know if the one that couldn't get a viewing was the one that got away. By developing a trusting relationship with your agent, he or she will show the home with your best interests in mind.

3. Market Timing/Seasonal Selling - Just as a broker continually follows the trends of a stock , your professional agent continually follows trends of your home market. They will know if the market cycle is poised to net you the most money. Avoid believing that property sales are seasonal.. property is always selling.

4. Relying Solely on Traditional Methods to Sell Your Home - The agent who is innovative and willing to offer new strategies of attracting home buyers will always outperform agents who rely solely on traditional methods. Demand around the clock advertising exposure, innovative lead generation methods and lead accountability. These services exist and should be offered on your home sale. With the prevalence of blogs, now, too, many realtors are getting the word out about your home in their daily online journals.

5. Believing All Realtors are the Same - With all the intricate details and critical decisions to be made concerning your home sale, should you rely on anyone but a top producing professional? Many friends and family members have been estranged as a result of failing to meet expectations. Your home sale is a time consuming, effort-related, difficult task. Maximize your profit by utilizing a professional.

For these and six more common mistakes when selling your home, be sure to drop by our office and pick up our report. Don't put your home on the market until you've read this report.