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For the month of November, consumer sentiment over the trajectory of home prices rose. According to Fannie Mae, this is the first time we've seen positivity in 6 months. (National Housing Survey). The first week of December brought an increase in re-financing...mortgage applications jumped 12.8%.

5 Signs Real Estate Recovery is Near. There's a light at the end of the tunnel...according to one expert. Read her thoughts here.

The Greatest Gift of Them All. Some loved ones are generous enough to give a down payment as a Christmas gift. We have seen this trend more and more. Boomers are willing to help their kids with down payment as well.  Read the article here!

Joke of the week. 

Student Loan Debt Hurts Homeownership. The average student owes $25,000. The increasing student loan debt threatens home ownership for those 25-34. Read the article here.

Coach's Corner. Dirk Zeller says it is crucial to decide what a lead is to you in   this week's edition of his weekly newsletter. He says that successful real estate agents have clearly defined who is a lead.

Bob Corcoran's Tips. This week's blog is about working hard and putting in effort and watching the seed you plant grow.  Read the article here.

When a Tree Falls, Who is ResponsibleA fallen tree can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Here is some great advice to protect you and your neighbors.

"If you don't watch your money, someone else will.  " - Anonymous


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