Hello neighbors,

if you're lucky, you've never needed to check whether or not your home is equipped with a secondary water shut-off valve. However, as the Department of Watershed Management continues to install Automatic Meter Readers (AMRs) across Atlanta, they would like to remind you that homeowners are required to have a secondary water shut-off valve located on their property. Because of the delicacy of the AMRs, all street-side water meter boxes will be locked and inaccessible to homeowners.

If your home is not equipped with a secondary water shut-off valve, or if you are unsure, the first places to look would be in the basement and/or crawl-spaces near where the water line enters your home. Homes without a secondary water shut-off valve should arrange to have a plumber install one. This valve is necessary for any plumbing projects in your home, from installing new fixtures to emergency repairs.

To learn more, or to see what else is on tap, please visit the Department of Watershed Management's website.

If you would like the name of some qualified local plumbers, just ask us!