This Saturday, the Element condos at Atlantic Station will share the same fate experienced by the Tribute Lofts not too long ago - a public auction. Forty units are slated to be auction off tomorrow, Saturday, February 28th 2009, at 1 p.m., so if you're looking for a deal, now could be the time! Click here for an article from the AJC.

Auctions have home buyers and agents concerned as to the possibility of other units being auctioned off and the devaluing surrounding condos. One of our agents, Chris Ludlam, is working with a buyer right now who is looking at purchasing a unit in the new White Provision development on the west side of the city near the Water Works. Chris asked questions yesterday about the security of the development and, as it turns out, the owner has quite a stake in the neighborhood and owns quite a bit of land and retail in the blocks surrounding the White Provision. So the risk of these condos being autioned off is unlikely due to the developer's financial stability.

So be sure to find out as many details as possible (this is just one example) before making a purchase so you know you're making a safe investment in one of the biggest purchases of your life!