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Dear Neighbors,
My mind is racing from two straight weeks of conferences and absorbing all I can. The first conference I went to had about 3,000 agents and was all about the definition of hard work, top producers vs. low producers, and the importance of skill level. The second conference consisted of approximately 1,300 attendees and was a ton of fun. I knew about half of the people there from all of us being a part of the same conference and community of realtors for years. And in between the conference whirlwind, I spent four days with friends in Salida, Colorado. What a great two weeks!

I need a home!! One of my friends is desperately looking for a home in the Vanderlyn, Austin, or Heards Ferry Elementary School districts with at least 4 bedrooms and three four baths (basement optional) in the $400-575,000 price range. They have already closed on their home and have to be in a new home within about 7 weeks. They are great people with a toddler and have seen everything on the market. If you know of a property that fits this description that might be new to the market or not on the market yet, please call or email me with the details (404.564.7272). I appreciate your help, and so do they!

Welcome to the group! This past week, I met a lot of agents from outside the metro Atlanta area and have added dozens of people to my weekly email. So, if you are getting this for the first time, please be sure to send all of your Atlanta referrals to the zac team! Call me at 404.564.7272. If you know someone that would like to receive Wednesday Morning With Zac, please have them email If you come across something that you think we should share, please email it to us, too.

Quickening the pace of loan modifications. After intending to help 3-4 million home owners refinance, the Making Home Affordable Program has only helped 200,000. So Congress is putting the pressure on to increase that number - and fast. Read more here!

The shifting face of Atlanta. Over a relatively short time, Atlanta has undergone some major transitions in terms of the demographic and economic make-up of our intown and suburban neighborhoods. How will this impact the future of Atlanta, both in real estate and politics? Thanks for Deborah on my team for sending along this informative article from the website! Read it here.

IRS cracking down on fraud. Last week, the IRS successfully prosecuted a Florida tax-preparer for falsifying a client’s tax return to say he qualified for the first-time homebuyer credit. This is just the beginning, as the IRS currently has 24 open criminal investigations in fraud surrounding the tax credit. Read more here!

Know your clients and grow your business. Have you ever sat down and thought about what your clients have in common? And then how to target more like-minded people? Click here for more!

How trained are you? When the going gets though, real estate agents tend to leave the business because they either lack the proper training or lack the motivation to seek the proper training to thrive. With a team focused on skill level and training, I would love to teach you how to sell. We are starting a new training group soon and I am looking for four motivated agents who want to make at least $70K within their first 12 months at the zac team! Through the end of July, we have closed 53% more transactions than the same time period last year! You’ll also learn how to get a Buyer’s Agency Agreement signed from every buyer that you WANT to work with, both from the leads I provide and from your own sources of business. Click here for more info!

I’m also looking for an additional listing partner to co-list properties with. This is a great opportunity for me to share 30 years of experience in the real estate business! Click here for more information on our listing partner position.

Please email me your resume at or give me a call at 404.564.7272 for a confidential conversation.

How will we survive? The age of the internet dawned long ago and people predicted the death of the [real estate] salesman. But we’re still here, we just need to make sure we’re giving clients (present and future) what they’re looking for. Click here for more!

Making money on condos? Is there a future for investing in low-priced, foreclosed condos? There is in Orlando - maybe the market will grow here, too? Read more here!

The devastating effects of poor customer service. We’ve all experienced lacking customer service and complained about our story to others. What effect exactly can sorry service have on a business? Read more in Harvey Mackay’s column this week!

How much do you disclose? When selling a home, are you responsible for disclosing past lawsuits involving the HOA? Click here for one man’s story of his HOA and the hassle they went through with water damage.

Wishbones needed! Do any of you have any loved and lucky wishbones you’re looking to sell? Then please give my Closing Manager, Jimmy, a call at 404.564.7274. Thanks!

Best wishes for a successful week!

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FMLS Atlanta real estate market statistics. Stats for the month of June were posted last week, so here is my easy-to-read one-pager condensed down from 130 pages of data! Just click here...