Greetings neighbors,

In reference to the Home Buyer Tax Credit, many Americans in the position to buy homes have taken advantage of the tax credit as well as it's extension. However, those who are married may not reap the same benefits as consumers who are single and unmarried.

According to the guidelines of the Home Buyer Tax Credit, the IRS has somehow created a penalty for married couples which require both parties to qualify for the exact same credit or have the same type of ownership history. In contrast, those couples who may want to purchase a home together but are not legally married are tested separately. This means if one party doesn't qualify and the other does, the credit can still be issued to the qualifying party.

With that being said, there are people out there who disagree with the "marriage penalty" and feel that something should be done such as the founders of In order for this over-site to be rectified, owners of the site believe if enough attention is brought to this issue it can be fixed. The founders have also added a Facebook page to bring more attention to this pressing issue.