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For those who are not aware, Georgia is one state that has taken a tremendous hit during the economic downfall especially in the banking and real estate industry. Because of this, a congressional subcommittee held a hearing at Georgia's capital Monday to discuss the reason for having some of the highest numbers in foreclosures and being the nation's leader in failed banks.

The hearing consisted of three and a half hours of determining what factors contributed to the "crisis" and included statements from the former mayor of Atlanta, United Nations ambassador Andrew Young, state Senator Vincent Fort, President and CEO of the Georgia Banker Association Joe Branner, and others who have researched the down fall.

The panelist revealed that foreclosures are four times national average historically and that 10 - 12 million foreclosures will occur before the financial crisis ends. With unemployment at 10.5 percent, 1 in 85 homes are in a state of foreclosure in metro Atlanta alone.

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