Greetings neighbors,

According to recent studies, it looks as if Georgia will lag behind in economic recovery compared to the rest of the country. Despite slow beginnings in recovery, Georgia is expected to exceed other states in years to come.

As discussed Tuesday during the 17th annual Bank of North Georgia Economic Forecast 2010, at Cobb Energy and Performing Arts Centre, nationwide unemployment will peak during April 2010 reaching 10.5 percent and will remain above 10 percent.

It is estimated that the economic growth of the U.S. will be between only 2.5 - 2.7 percent next year with Georgia falling behind in jobs and economic growth through 2011.

Some of Georgia's lagging can be contributed to the state's manufacturing base being tied to construction/housing and commercial real estate development falling off. This has caused the state to have an over whelming amount of supply. In addition, housing starts in Georgia have been decreased by 80 percent.

However, the Peach State does possess the necessities for job and population growth with low cost of labor and land, strong quality of life, and Hartsfield Jackson being a global transportation hub.

It is estimated that Georgia will have an increase of 1 million people through 2015 and taking Michigan's place as the eighth most popular state in the U.S.

Forecasts predict Georgia's growth after 2012 and making it one of the nations top five or sixth state's for economic growth through the year 2030.