Greetings neighbors,

As mentioned over the weekend in our post, Georgia's Property Tax, it seems as if Georgians may actually be paying too much when it comes to property taxes according to a study recently done by the AJC.

It was found that county appraisals are much higher than what the property is worth. In addition, the study also revealed that tax appraisers have been overlooking a state law which requires them to incorporate their estimates to the houses worth on the open market. This act has produced a faulty tax system that in turn produces incorrect property values, as well as over or under taxed residents.

The study also revealed that tax officials made history this year by lowering values. "4.3 billion in tax value were dissolved from an estimated 450,000 parcels in 5 of the largest counties in the metro area," (AJC -12/7/09).

For more information on Georgia's property tax's check out the AJC this week.