If you are interested in receiving updates in BeltLine development, please make sure you have signed up for the following announcement-only email lists:

  • Northeast Study Group (Subareas 5 and 6--our area) Coordinators announcements: Receive announcements about Northeast Study Group/Steering Committee meetings & related important information. Contact Baron Jordan & Gabriel Charvat at barondjordan@gmail.com,beltlinenortheast@gmail.com to sign up today!
  • BeltLine Neighbors Coalition updates: Receive updates geared to facilitating citizen input and participation in the BeltLine process, including info & action items affecting our Northeast Study Group planning area, Subarea 6 (and others). To be added to the BNC e-update list, email "sign me up" to 5ht2@comcast.net!
  • BeltLine Partnership E-newsletter: Monthly newsletters and occasional updates from the BeltLine team. Sign up on the home page of http://www.beltline.org/!

E-Announcements from these sources are infrequent, and the information is not entirely redundant. Because things sometimes change quickly in BeltLine planning (including meeting information) your best bet for getting the latest may be to subscribe to all three.


The official website of the BeltLine team (Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. & BeltLine Partnership), has a wealth of information, including a calender with many important meetings & activities. The site gets better all the time at keeping things updated and making information easier to find!