Greetings neighbors,

With housing prices looking pretty good and incentives such as the extension of the tax credit, you or someone you know may have gained a few new neighbors in the neighborhood. With that being said, do you know how to meet and greet new neighbors in your neighborhood? Here are a few things you can do to establish a relationship with new comers to the neighborhood.

Meet Your New Neighbor - Of course this would be the most obvious courtesy. If you're walking to the mailbox or walking your dog take a few seconds out of your task and approach your new neighbor. A simple "Good Morning" or "How's it going", can easily break the ice.

Keep Them Informed - If you plan on doing something that may affect your neighbor have the courtesy of letting them now. If you plan to throw a party or gathering, put up a fence, or cut a tree that's hanging over in their yard, make them aware. This shows a sense of neighborly respect.

Be Aware and Respect Differences - Factors such as age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or marital status all have an affect on lifestyle. Recognizing and showing mutual respect for one's differences will go a long way.

Finding Out What You Have In Common - You both may like to roller blade or run, take notice of something your neighbor does on a regular and if you enjoy doing the same thing strike up a conversation. Maybe you will have a new running partner.

Keep in mind, a neighbor can be temporarily or permanent, wouldn't it be great to have a respectful/peaceful relationship either way?

Stay tuned for more ways to meet and greet new neighbors.