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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope we all take a moment to focus on what we are truly grateful for this holiday season! Yesterday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller home price index rose for the fourth month in a row, even though the average home prices in Atlanta declined slightly. Home sales in Atlanta did rise 3.2 percent in October, most likely due to the rush to take advantage of the home buyer tax credit. Read more here!

Driving for Thanksgiving? Good news! Gas prices in Atlanta have remained below the national average (at $2.50 a gallon instead of $2.64), so fill up before leaving our home state. Click here for more!

Having troubles with your short sale listings? Let me help you and your seller! I will pay you a referral fee for your short sales. Call me at 404.564.7272.

Short sale flippers. The market seems to have born a new breed of investor - the kind that pays a bank off for a short sale while already having a buyer lined up to pay a higher price - and then pocketing the profit. Read more about how this is playing out in Florida real estate...

Homeowners unwittingly optimistic? A study by Zillow show that 25 percent of homeowners nationwide believed their homes rose in value when, in reality, only 22 percent gained value. In the west, the disparity was greatest, with 28 percent believing value had increased when in reality, only 17 percent had. Read more here!

5 things successful people do every day. From the Trump University, here are five things to do every day to ensure your success. Click here!

Don’t let the winter chill get to you... Real estate is heating up in our office! With our rigorous sales training programs, script practice, and prospecting, our agents are increasing our skill level more than ever before. We invite you to come join us and see how we can help boost your career!

Qualified applicants must be:
1. A licensed Georgia real estate agent (or at least in school to become one)
2. Energetic, motivated, and articulate.
3. Knowledgeable of the Intown market.
4. Willing to strive to be the best at what you do.
5. Trainable and coachable.

If you live inside of 285, give me a call directly at 404.564.7272 or email me your resume to

What are your clients worth to you? $2,500? $37,000? a lifetime value of $126,000 once they refer family and friends to you? Seth Godin explains in his marketing blog. Thanks to our friend in Toronto, Tom Cook, for sending this along!

Fourth quarter productivity. Track your numbers and meet your goals with Mike Ferry’s Fourth Quarter Production Campaign! You can watch weekly motivational videos with updates on the campaign on Check it out!




Do you get in the zone? As Dirk Zeller points out, professional athletes have a "zone" so why not real estate agents? What’s your pre-appointment routine? Read more from the Coaches’ Corner here!

Missouri Realtors convicted in scheme. Robert Wrolstad and his conniving buddy were sentenced to no more than 11 years in prison for their investment bungle. Read more here!

Make ‘em thirsty. The first step towards a closed transaction is getting your client thirsty for your services, or for that house that caught their eye, or at the idea of buying or selling real estate. Here are a few ideas from a sales consultant to create that desire.

Happy holidays and safe travels if you're headed out of town!

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