Hello neighbors,

With the recent approval of the new 3 month-home buyer limited tax credit extension, many home-buyers who weren't able to close the deal by the June 30th deadline will experience some relief. Now these home-buyers will have until September 30, 2010 to seal the deal.

Industry experts estimate up to 180,000 homebuyers will benefit from the recent extension.

In addition, those who missed out on the home buyer tax credit will have plenty of other opportunities to cash in on some great deals. For starters, the housing inventory is still generous with affordable prices and the lowest interest rates since the 1950's.

Experts also note that the recovery of the housing market is being somewhat affected by uncertain unemployment conditions which are causing potential buyers to be skeptical about purchasing. Industry experts also feel that it may take a while for things to settle but the market needs to be able to stand alone.

With magnets such as low interest rates, good inventory, and affordable prices, home-buyers should be easily attracted to the idea of purchasing.