How To Prepare Home For Selling
A good Real Estate agent isn't enough to get your house selling. The effort should come from you too, and it's best to team up and communicate with your agent to get your home sold faster.
Oftentimes a home sells via advertising and open houses, so your best bet is to prepare your home for possible buyers by cleaning, upgrading, and fixing your home. An unorganized home definitely turns a buyer off and may mean a no-deal for you, so start packing. Pack things that you would see as clutter and would make your home appear messy and chaotic. To help you organize, label some boxes for Trash, To-Donate and To Keep. Then go through each room with an objective eye. Move items that are not necessary for everyday living into one of the three boxes. The more free space you can create the larger the rooms will appear. Also store away important items for safety. If marketing goes smoothly, chances are you will have a lot of interested buyers in and out of your home, so keep your valuables safe and placed away.
Make your home standout. Power wash the exterior of the house and clean rain gutters as well as windows and screens. Make sure your front door is inviting and paint it if needed. Buy new house numbers if the old ones are faded and also replace the welcome mat if there is one. 
Organize all closets and drawers in the home and make necessary repairs.Rearrange furniture and replace broken lights to make the room appear bigger and well lighted. Also try to depersonalize each room such as removing photo frames or posters. Change linens and pillow covers and choose neutral colors. Febreeze couches and buy air neutralizers.
Make your home appear like the buyer's are buying more from the listed price. The entire process can be tiresome but it will be worth it. Cooperate with your agent and get ready for offers!