Hello neighbors,

It seems that housing starts have taken a turn for the best especially last month. According to recent data, there has been a trend of increasing housing starts since the beginning of this year.

Last month there was a rise of 1.6% to a seasonally adjusted 626,000 annualized units according to the Commerce Department. In addition to March 2010, February 2010 produced a higher revised number of 616,000 which was up 1.1% from the 570,000 that was previously reported. The first estimate was predicted to be a 5.9% drop.

The increase in starts can be contributed to the Southern region of the country as well as to multifamily starts. There was a drop of 0.9% to 531,000 of single-family homes last month but an increase of 39.7% to 88,000 for multifamily units.