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With history dating back to the early 19th century, Little Five Points plays a significant part of Atlanta's history. The desires of two men, Joel Hurt and Samuel M. Inman, to begin a residential neighborhood eventually lead to the beginnings of Inman Park.

Both men decided to come together and formed the East Atlanta Land Company in 1866. Out of the formation of the East Atlanta Land Company came the development of the residential suburb of Inman Park, which was one of the main goals of the two men. Shortly after, Mr. Hurt felt that the only way for their suburb to be successful was for it to have quality transportation, which eventually leads to the founding of Atlanta & Edgewood Street Railroad Company. Known as Atlanta's first electric railroad, Atlanta & Edgewood Street Railroad Company opened on August 22, 1889. With Atlanta's new railroad, of course new roads had to be built for the tracks on which the train could run. This expansion eventually leads to the formation of Candler Park Edgewood and it's incorporation in 1908 to the city of Atlanta. From these roots, the area of Little Five Points was born and became known as a commercial area.

Although the area hit somewhat of a downfall in the 1960's due to factors such as racial integration, by the mid 70's Little Five Points was on it's way back up with the help of Atlanta Community Development Block Grant of 1975. In addition, other establishments such as credit unions and bookstores were opening up and eventually Little Five Points came back to life.

Today, Little Five Points is a thriving community with plenty of entertainment, shopping, and dining. With restaurants such as The Vortex or Little Five Corner Tavern to shops such as Cherry Bomb, a visit to Little Five Points will definitely satisfy your soul.