Greetings neighbors,

Did you or someone you know miss out on the ever so popular $8000 tax credit for first time buyers? Well if so, no worries. Latest reports show that if you decide to purchase a home after the tax credit deadline, you may actually get even more deals than those who did take advantage.

Now I'm sure many of you are asking how? Well for starters, many home sellers have to drop their prices because home buyers have become scarce after the expiration of the tax credit. In addition, builders and real estate companies have began offering promotions that are in some cases worth more than the tax credit.

In addition, interest rates have dropped significantly after the expiration of the tax credit that a homeowner can easily save more than the $8000 offered over the life of the loan.

Other incentives being offered to those in the market for buying a house include builders offering free appliances, trade-in programs, rebates, and great equity discounts. Incentives such as these allow homeowners to drop the price by painting, landscaping, or helping to complete their home.

So again, missing out on the tax credit doesn't necessarily mean you've missed out on all the deals.