Hello neighbors,

More good news is starting to surface in the housing market! According to a HouseHunt Current Market Conditions survey, there is strong evidence that the market has bottomed resulting in the emergence of a more balanced housing market throughout the U.S.

Data from the survey which was reported during the first quarter of this year also show price stabilization after very high declines during the past two to four years. In addition, some of these prices are appreciating despite recent foreclosure activity, short sales, reluctant lenders, and etc.

Additional news illuminating from the survey include the buyer-seller ratio which is almost obsolete as well as repeat buyers making up 50% of all transactions in which three months ago they accounted for only 34%.

Another positive change includes the amount of time needed to sell a home. According to at least half of HouseHunt's member agents, sellers are receiving between 95-100% of their asking price.