Greetings neighbors,

According to the AJC, Georgia law makers have proposed a property tax reform. Under this reform, county assessors will no longer be able to set a tax value higher than the sell price on a piece of property after it has been sold.

The AJC also noted that Senate Majority Leader, Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock), advised that other provisions such as: Completely overhauling the appeals system, scrapping property tax returns -- the document homeowners file early in the year if they wish to contest their tax appraisal -- and enabling owners to challenge their valuation every year. Currently, if your tax value doesn't change, and you didn't file a return, you have no right to appeal, and allowing a property owner's value to stand in arbitration if the county doesn't respond within 45 days, are some other changes among an already lengthy list.

Legislators will begin debating on the issue next month.

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