Hello, neighbors! From time to time, we ask our clients to reflect upon their experiences working with the zac team. From this, we learn how we can better serve your real estate needs, with the added bonus of learning what our clients think we're doing right.

Here are success stories from some of our past clients :

"We chose to work with the Zac team because of Zac's experience in the market and the advertising abilities of the team. Overall, we had a good real estate experience. Working with a "team" is very different than working with an individual agent-the team is extremely resourceful. The entire team is extremely professional and always available to answer questions." - Tracy Lurey

"A family friend who is a realtor suggested the Zac Team. I took her advice and I'm glad I did! I felt like I was my agent's only client, even though I know I wasn't. He was always there to answer my questions (and I had lots being a first time buyer!). I honestly can't think of anything Zac could do to improve." -Heather Magalski

"I chose the Zac Team for their familiarity with the area in which I was interested. My agent's earnestness, flexibility, and willingness to work hard for me stands out in my mind." -Marcy Massengale

"This was our first home purchase and we wanted someone to help us through everything, so we chose the zac team. We just remember how friendly and helpful everyone was to us, not just our agent. I referred a friend to the zac team who loved all the assistance, and I would recommend the zac team to other friends and would use their services again." -Shelby Failing & Justin Howell

"I chose the Zac Team because I was looking for a professional approach to selling real estate. My experience with the Zac Team was excellent. They gave great advice and explanations all along. There were never any surprises, and their advice was always on target." -Sylvia Martin-Estes

"Our experience with the zac team has surpassed any other transaction we've ever had! The team is organized, energetic, involved, and respectful. Having worked for the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company in the past, the zac team is the only business that even comes close to providing the same extremely high level of service. The positive atmosphere and dedicated team members make the zac team stand above the rest!" -Amy Lukken & Alex O'Neal

"We had been trying to sell our home by ourselves and had been unable to do so. That's when we realized that we needed the best professional help available. So we called the zac team and got the action we wanted!" -Desperate House Sellers

"I googled several Atlanta intown real estate services and dialed the numbers in the order I found them. The Zac Team was the first number to have a human being pick up instead of a voice mail. An agent was available to help me immediately in my home search." -Jennifer Larson

"We heard of Zac Team from having lived in the Virginia Highland area. They provided prompt attentive service.  Our agent was a pleasure to do business with.  She really gets to know her clients and pays attention to what we were focused on.  I felt like she used all available resources to do the job (both internal and external resources)." -Ned & Melissa Smathers

Thank you all for sharing those stories with us! As always, we're delighted to serve your real estate needs, whether for the first-time or once again.