Hello neighbors,

According to a recent survey by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the act of mortgage refinancing rose 17.1% last week. With the recent rise, mortgage refinancing make-up 81.4% of the total number of mortgage applications.

This number has also proven to be at its highest level since May 2009 as well as the refinancing share of overall mortgage applications being at its highest since last January.

As many who follow the real estate market may recall, mortgage rates began hitting all time lows during the early part of the year and continue to break records with 15-year fixed rate mortgages currently below 4% and 30-year fixed rates averaging between 4.25% -4.5%.

In addition, there was a 13% rise in the MBA's seasonally adjusted market composite index in comparison to the previous week. As for the seasonally adjusted purchase index, there was a decline of 3.4% when compared to the previous week and 38.6% lower than last year's number.