Hello Neighbors,
I'm sure those who are in the process of selling their homes in our economy would agree that the task may be a little more stressful today as opposed to two or three years ago. With many homes going into foreclosure or perhaps going through the short sale process; those who are attempting to sell their property or home now have to consider the new appraisal rules that began in May.

The new rules set forth now gives Appraisers more lead way, making them independent of real estate agents and brokers. In conjunction, this will make for a more reliable appraisal. Now banks as well as appraisal management companies will have to assign jobs and send the fees to the appraisers.  With this particular change, appraisers will not have to worry as much about providing an inflated home value which would support the once larger home cost in "white-hot" markets like Atlanta. However, on the “flip” side of things, this has potential to produce faulty appraisals or cause appraisals to be worse than before. In addition, today’s Realtors are not so happy with the new rules surrounding appraisals and are actually trying to fight them. This new Code of Conduct actually takes too much away from the Realtor.

With the recent uproar in the appraisal system it may not be such a bad idea to go the extra mile and pay a little more to find an Appraiser who is actually familiar with the neighborhood in which you're trying to sell out of. The advantage of this is that a local Appraiser will be more familiar with the amenities of the area, more knowledgeable of the local schools, and etc.

The new code of rules is expected to cut down on fraud and produce more trustworthy home appraisals.

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