Buyers, sellers, and homeowners deserve to be aware of some of the top findings home inspectors come across so that you may be able to remedy the problems in order to protect one of your most valuable investments. It’s beneficial for homeowners to do a periodic review of your own home using this as a guide to ensure a healthy and valuable asset. The below points are reprinted from RIS Media and courtesy of Pillar to Post Home Inspections:

Electrical wiring: Many times wiring is found to be insufficient without overload protection.

Roof damage: Whether it’s a small leak or a potential leak, home inspectors can discover roof issues so that they can be fixed easily before it becomes a big problem.

Heating systems: Many times, home inspectors will find that within the home heating systems, there are broken or malfunctioning controls, chimneys, exhausts, etc.

Overall maintenance: Whether it’s crumbling masonry, broken and cracked windows, appliances’ faults, fixtures, plumbing, home inspectors help home owners correct problems before they become costly in the future.

Structure problems: Home inspectors can help to find cracks in walls, foundation cracks, twists or cracks in rafters that are not so obvious at first glance.

Plumbing: Home inspectors have the tools to judge whether one’s plumbing is old or used incompatible plumbing materials, faulty fixtures, etc.

Inadequate caulking or weather stripping: This is a big risk for moisture intrusions, later resulting in high energy bills.

Poor ventilation: This occurs when people have sealed their home so tightly that there is no fresh air ventilation, locking in excess moisture leading to rotting and mold.

Cosmetic problems: Home inspectors are able to point out obvious faults, whether it’s peeling paint or more serious issues.

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