The popularity of limited service brokers has been on the rise for some time now and, with the stabilizing of the housing market, it has more home sellers concerned about selling their Atlanta home for the most money. So people are always surprised to see how the numbers add up. Using a full service broker can actually SAVE you money in the end, even though the commission cost is higher.


Click here for the chart we’ve put together at the zac team to show you how the numbers compare.

At the bottom are two tabs. One is “Limited Service” and the other is “the zac team.” Each of these tabs gives you a list of sample properties with their average list prices, sales prices, days on market, costs paid by the seller, etc.

Here’s a breakdown of the way it works:

  1. With a typical limited service broker, you will pay approximately $35,560.69 to sell a $500,000 home. You pay a 3% commission and you pay the price for the difference in what you list your home for versus the actual sales price (the “LP/SP Ratio”). That average is 4.11%, which you add to 3%, bringing the total money you pay to 7.11% of your sales price. So if you sell your house for $500,000, then you will bring at least $35,560.69 to the table. This is in addition to the $1,000 up front cost.
  2. With a full service broker, you will pay approximately $33,200.92 – a savings of $2,359.77! The commission is 6%, but the average LP/SP ratio is only .64% (a difference of 3.47%) which means on a $500,000 sale, you as the seller would be bringing about $33,200.92. And with the zac team, there’s no up-front cost.
  3. The zac team’s total days on market is also an average of 15 days less than that of a limited service broker!

If you find that a discount broker meets your needs, we understand and wish you the best! If you find that a full-service broker is offers more of what you need in today’s market, we would love to help. We specialize in Morningside homes, Virginia Highland real estate, Candler Park and Lake Claire houses, Midtown condos, and more and we can share with you more information on how to get your home sold in this market! Just call our office at 404.564.7200 and ask to speak to someone on the listing team.

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