Piedmont Park is a jewel of Atlanta and the Piedmont Park Conservancy works hard to keep it that way! They've been faced with a number of obstacles, not the least of which is the drought that has been affecting the southeast for the last couple of years. Major festivals were moved this past year in order to preserve the grass and greenery in the park (festivals such as the Dogwood FestivalAtlanta Pride Festival, and even the Peachtree Road Race).

In keeping with the green spirit and the Atlanta drought restrictions, Piedmont Park Conservancy is piloting a well-drilling program this year. Two wells have been constructed so far and they are looking for more now. Lake Clara Meer has been successfully receiving water from one of these wells so far!

The Conservancy also paired with Conex Recycling to try out a new recycling program in the park - and six tons of plastic and aluminum later, it seems like it was a success! So be on the lookout for the big green bins and help keep the park beautiful!

Love the dog park in Piedmont? You're not alone! In fact, so many people love it, that the Conservancy had to undergo an emergency reconfiguration of the fences to help keep all dogs safe. Now, they just have to raise a little bit of money to help cover the cost of the fencing and are asking for help. If you love the dog park and are willing to help out, click here!

For more information like this, or to sign up for the Conservancy's newsletter, you can visit the website here: http://www.piedmontpark.org