Hello neighbors,

Are you in the process of selling your home? Well here's one thing to remember, a vacant home does not fair well in today's market. Wondering why? Here are 5 reasons:

People Don’t Simply Buy Houses; they buy the next chapter of their lives

Because purchasing a home can be pretty emotional and emotions play a large role in a buyers decision on what they may purchase and how much they are willing to pay, a vacant home displays no signs of life which leads to a lost of emotional connection for the potential buyer.

Vacancy distracts buyers from looking at the house itself

Buyers may begin to wonder the reason for selling such as: Is this home hard to sell? Is the sell a result of divorce? Do the sellers have financial issues? In this instance the potential buyer may feel the home owner is desperate and make a low offer.

When a house is vacant, buyers focus on flaws

Buyers will take special notice to small things such as nail holes, wear and tear in the carpet, gaps in the molding, and etc instead of paying attention to the actual space and amenities of the home. This can also decrease the price.

People can't visualize how furniture fits

Empty rooms may look awkward to a potential buyer. He or she may not be able to visualize their furniture in the home because they have nothing to go by. Also empty space may confuse a buyer causing them to bypass the vacant home and move on to the next prospect.

Vacant houses don't show as well as staged and occupied homes

An empty home has a tendency to acquire a stale and empty smell, gathers dust, and typically produces an unattractive look especially to potential buyers. This then leads to a cut in showing time and leads to fewer sales.