Greetings neighbors,

With many Americans gaining an interest in saving the environment, its no surprise that this idea would eventually trickle into the real estate market. With many homes on the market for sale, homeowners are still interested in upgrading their homes to get a quicker and more profitable sale. However, the focus of upgrading is now turning towards eco friendly upgrades and upgrades that may be a little costly in the beginning but save you more in the long run. Here are 5 home improvements you may want to consider that are recession proof.

Cork Floors:

Quickly replacing tile and wood plank flooring, low density cork is excellent for insulation and if exposed to water, this material will not rot. In addition, this flooring will not absorb dust.

Bamboo Counter Tops:

In comparison to maple wood, bamboo is harder and more dense. When considering using bamboo, the parquet model would be an excellent option.

LED Lighting:

LED lighting or light emitting diode, utilizes less energy than your basic light bulb which produces a cheaper light bill. Although these lights can be a little more expensive, the use of them will pay off over time.

Garage Doors:

Garages have a tendency to boost your home's curb value. When updating a garage factors you want to keep in mind include: the quantity of garage doors, the style of your garage, and the quality of the pavement leading to the garage.

Energy Star Windows:

Although these windows are more expensive you will definitely get your money's worth when your heating bill starts to decrease. In addition, you will also be eligible for a rebate from Uncle Sam!

Stay tuned for more Recession Proof Upgrades.