You don’t have to go another day living with the stress and fear of foreclosure! There are options such as a short sale, which can help you sell your home without the damaging and lasting effects of foreclosure!


A short sale can be an excellent solution for a homeowner who owes more on their home than what it is worth and has to sell. Unfortunately a number of myths about short sales have developed and it is important you understand the reality of this process if this is a solution that you feel meets your current needs.

Some of these myths are:

You must be behind on your mortgage in order to negotiate a short sale

Listing my home as a short sale is an embarrassment

There is not enough time to negotiate a short sale before my foreclosure

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We also invite any of our neighbors who are worried about foreclosure to join us on the first and third Saturday of every month for our “Foreclosure Prevention Initiative: A Community Workshop.” This is a joint effort by the zac team and other local organizations to help our Atlanta and Decatur homeowners avoid foreclosure. We will provide a presentation and a workbook with valuable materials. The workshop begins at 10 a.m. in our office near Virginia Highland. Please RSVP to Jenny by emailing or calling 404.564.7250!